I Would Never Sell Bitcoin, Unless…

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Bitcoin is the future the world is heading toward and It will eventually cause the largest transfer of wealth that the world has ever seen. Those who have been accumulating Bitcoin will be rewarded heavily, and those who haven’t will go through hard times.

There is almost no scenario would I could ever imagine selling my Bitcoin, except for one.

If you have been following my work for any duration of time, you will likely know that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that I am most passionate about by far. Most of the articles I write cover it, it makes up a large majority of my portfolio, and it is the asset I believe has the brightest future. I that there is Bitcoin, and then there is everything else. That it will eventually reach a price level that exceeds all of our expectations. I am a long-time HODLer of Bitcoin and have no plans on selling anytime soon.

As the famous Bitcoin Matrix meme goes; I believe that Bitcoin will evolve to a point where it will be accepted everywhere and people won’t need to sell it.

Bitcoin is a survivor and has already surpassed all our expectations to get to this point. There was a time when we thought it might become illegal simply to own Bitcoin. There was a legitimate worry that people might go to prison just for holding it. At that time we couldn’t have imagined someday it being worth nearly $69k, or even the current price of $51k. We never even considered companies like Microstrategy or Tesla putting Bitcoin on their balance sheet. And we didn’t dare to imagine actual countries like El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender.

One of the most debated periods during Bitcoin’s history was the blocksize war, which eventually led to the Bitcoin Cash fork. But not even that could shake my confidence in BTC.

The only thing that could ever shake my confidence in Bitcoin to a point where I would immediately sell it is if there was a catastrophic problem in its code. Bugs that would lead to it being possible to double-spend, or an inflation bug in the present time that would allow for more than 21 million Bitcoin to be created.

The strongest thing that Bitcoin has going for it is the confidence and trust in it. It is the strongest form of money that we have, especially in crypto. While there are other projects in the crypto market that I’m a fan of, such as Ethereum. Even Ethereum had to reverse the blockchain due to a DAO hack. Part of being money that people can trust is never tinkering with monetary policies. This is where Bitcoin exceeds where most fail.

While many complain that Bitcoin is slow at upgrading or adding new features. The truth is that this is its biggest strength. Protecting the sacred Bitcoin main chain, and all of the value that is on it. Making sure that the worst type of event doesn’t happen.

That is the only thing that would ever make me reconsider my opinion about Bitcoin and sell.

How about you? What would make you sell Bitcoin?

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