BTC New Highs? Eth2.0 Ready to Launch

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Data from CRYPTO.COM survey on NFTs:

Market Update (Monday 9:30 AM ET)

Percent Change (Rounded) Based on Last Monday Open (9:30 AM ET)

Bitcoin- $18,563 (+15%)

Ether- $598 (+30%)

Gold- $1,837 (-4%)

DJI Average- 29,332 (-1%)

NYSE Composite Index- 13,934 (UNCH)

NASDAQ Composite Index- 11,916 (+1%)

S&P500 Index- 3,566 (-1%)


New Developments

  1. CVS Becomes First National Retailer to Offer Support for PayPal QR Codes, TechCrunch

  2. CME Sees Record High Open Interest for Bitcoin Futures, CoinDesk

  3. Brian Brooks Gets Nod to Become US Comptroller, CoinDesk

  4. Morgan Creek - Exos Risk-Managed Bitcoin Fund, SEC

  5. US Firm Launches Company-Sponsored Bitcoin Retirement Plans, CoinDesk

  6. A New Chapter for Finance, Nascent

  7. Airbnb Considering to Add Crypto Payment Options in Public Filing, IHodl

  8. CryptoGenies? Digital Avatars Are Coming to Dapper’s Flow Chain, CoinDesk

  9. DEX Aggregator Rebrands to Slingshot After Raising $3.1M, CoinDesk

  10. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Launches EthTrust Security Initiative, EEA

  11. Chinese Crypto Mogul Emerges After Probe That Forced OKEx Halt, Bloomberg

  12. Round 0 Review and Round 1 Launch,

  13. USDC (Circle) Partner with Exiled Group in Venezuela

    Jeremy Allaire @jerallaireBreakthrough use-case for $USDC -- with US Govt permission, we partnered with the exiled govt of Venezuela (@jgauido) and Airtm @theairtm to distribute aid to people and healthcare workers in Venezuela. Stablecoins now a tool of US foreign policy -- Circle Partners with Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Airtm to Deliver Aid to Venezuelans Using USDCThrough a collaboration with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, led by President-elect Juan Guaido, U.S.-based fintech innovator Airtm, and coordination and licensing with the US government, Circle put in place an aid disbursement pipeline that leveraged the power of

    November 20th 2020

    373 Retweets1,423 Likes

Industry Insights

  • The Road to Eth2, Messari

  • Ethereum 2.0 Research Report, Darma Capital

  • Increase in USDT Banned Addresses on Ethereum, The Block

  • Majority of Bitcoin Hashrate Signals Support for Taproot Scaling, CoinDesk

  • On-Chain Market Intelligence, Glassnode Insights

  • Where is the Bitcoin Buy Volume Coming From?, Ari Paul

  • US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Proposes Crypto Friendly Rule

    Marco Santori @msantoriESQ1/ ?? BREAKING: US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency proposes rule prohibiting large banks from discriminating against "legal but disfavored" customers like oil & gas biz, independent ATM operators and of course... crypto companies.

    November 20th 2020

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Dev Talk

  1. Host Files Using Sia’s Skynet

  2. UniQuote Price Feeds

  3. Keep3rV1 Documentation for Price Feeds

  4. Easy Way to Create ERC20 Token From Terminal

dApp Activity

*Check out Unipig Exchange (Uniswap) on Layer2

-Visit and pick a team

-Get tokens from the faucet by posting the Tweet provided with your address

-Exchange UNI for PIGI

-Witness how fast and cheap a layer 2 scaling solution is

Dev Activity

Tokenizing Instadapp DSA Wallets:
*Tools: METAMASK (Wallet), Remix IDE (Development Environment), Solidity (Smart Contract Language) Ethereum (Blockchain), Etherscan Block Explorer
**Created by Andrew Redden

# set pragma

pragma solidity ^0.6.12;pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;

# imports

import "@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20Burnable.sol";

# contract (Source)

interface IInstaIndex {  function build(    address _owner,    uint accountVersion,    address _origin  ) external returns (address);}interface IRecord {  function cast(    address[] calldata _targets,    bytes[] calldata _datas,    address _origin  ) external payable;}contract DSAProxyCash is ERC20Burnable {  address[] public proxies;  address constant public connectAuth = address(0xB3242e09C8E5cE6E14296b3d3AbC4C6965F49b98);  IInstaIndex constant public factory = IInstaIndex(0x2971AdFa57b20E5a416aE5a708A8655A9c74f723);  constructor() public ERC20("DSA-ProxyCash", "DSA") {}  // Creates a child contract that can only be destroyed by this contract.  function mintProxy() internal returns (address) {    return, 1, address(this));  }  // mints new Proxies and stores them to the proxy array  function mint(uint256 _value) public {    require(_value % 1e18 == 0);    uint newTokens = _value / 1e18;    for (uint256 i = 0; i < newTokens; i++) {      address proxy = mintProxy();      proxies.push(proxy);    }    _mint(_msgSender(), _value);  }  function claim() public returns (bool) {    return _claim(_msgSender());  }  function claimFor(address _newOwner) public returns (bool) {    return _claim(_newOwner);  }  function _claim(address _newOwner) internal returns (bool) {    uint256 from_balance = balanceOf(_msgSender());        if (from_balance < 1e18) {      return false;    }    uint lastPos = proxies.length - 1;    address proxy = proxies[lastPos];        proxies.pop();    address[] memory targets = new address[](2);    targets[0] = connectAuth;    targets[1] = connectAuth;    bytes[] memory spells = new bytes[](2);    spells[0] = abi.encodeWithSignature("add(address)", _newOwner);    spells[1] = abi.encodeWithSignature("remove(address)", address(this));    IRecord(proxy).cast(targets, spells, address(this));    burn(1e18);    return true;  }}

Earn Opportunity

There’s no better way to earn crypto than by doing something you already do on a daily basis. That is why I love the Metal Pay app. Anytime you send or receive money, you get paid in Metal’s native crypto $MTL. $MTL can be held for a reduction in trading fees, sent to friends as payment, or saved like money in a savings account!

Regulation and Society adoption

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