A critical review of these Bitcoin cloud mining websites. They are actually ponzi scheme. Never invest in these.

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Yeah, old in the sense it is not that old. Just 4 months. The bag of scams had an addition with a new one. I am going to disclose the truth of such websites. The best thing about scams is they are fun to fool us, though we fool them??. What we got to do? Never invest. That is funding for the future courage of such websites. They are too appealing for profits but loss is way painful. Let us begin with scam. 

Crypto-power.vip- Double your profits in just 24 hours. Yeah, try it only to play with it. Never invest your money. This one has only been for 19 days and has received a total of 150 Bitcoin. No, it is what they say. Actually it has only 0.01 Btc recieved. That is exaggeration. Not just that, they offer 25% on referrals' deposit. Wow! It has been 5 days since view in public domain. Their company is in the UK and the number is 13199807 but when you search in the companies House of UK and the name is ON HOLDINGS LTD, and they say it is crypto-power company. Now, you know the truth. 

Sha-256.io- No, don't think that the algorithm is scam. Actually a website having that name is a scam. It has been four months since registration. This one is so perfect and meaningful that would make more difficult to prove it a scam. The website is super awesome just like blockchain.com. They show live payouts and all are true. They offer meaningful mining returns and it is true when you calculate. How is it scam? They pay you upto 80 percent of your deposit and ask to get referrals once you are a target. When you get referrals you get 5% commission on all purchases and that makes profit of 130% including principle. Wait, you get your profit but the chain keeps moving and the last investors become the victim. This is the cunning plan and pyramid chain. Even if it paid me 1000% to get referrals, I won't do it. Yeah, it is just to say but really it tempts. I would try to control. Of course, we can stop them. Let us do it. 

What do I have to say now? Thanks. Thanks for reading my article. You rock. I am pleased to get your attention. You can do some easy tasks like share, hitting like, comment and tip. You are also welcomed to dislike as it is your will, I don't control it, no one does except you. Atleast mention the reason why did you dislike. I will try to better my own self. Oh you can do that. 

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