Coinbase Research: More Than Half of Top Universities Offer Crypto Courses

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Twice as many students are enrolled in cryptocurrency and blockchain courses compared to 2018, shows the latest Coinbase report on academic adoption. Among top 50 universities worldwide, 56% are offering courses on blockchain and digital coins, up from 42% in 2018.

Coinbase also discovers that most of the courses are outside computer science departments, and explore the economic and legal sides of digital assets. Cornell University is at the top of the crypto education list.

Emin Sirer, one of the early proponents for crypto education, greeted the growing interest, as there is now more information available to students who are curious about blockchain technology:

Sirer, head of the Cornell Blockchain Club, noted that his idea attracted not only computer science students, but also scholars from other departments. Still, around 32% of blockchain courses are exploring the computer science side of the problem.

“The blockchain domain’s interdisciplinary nature makes it very different from any traditional field,” notes University of California Berkeley computer science professor Dawn Song.

The university courses and explorations are available on top of multiplying educational content and electronic courses. Exchanges like BINANCE are hosting in-depth blockchain education resources, and almost all projects aim to teach users at least the basics of blockchain.

Still, most formal university education related to blockchain is taught in the USA. European universities, where courses are more strictly regulated, are still the exception. Universities cater to a new generation of students, who are used to instant and borderless payment systems. Crypto education has continued to expand, despite the ravages of the bear market.

“Definitely, some of the students interested in this topic are ones who feel mistrustful of the current banking system,” said computer science professor Cesare Fracassi, leader of the Blockchain Initiative at the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business (number 13 on the Coinbase 2019 Leaders in Crypto Education list).

“So they want to create an alternative system where the decision-making process isn’t centralized. Those are the more idealistic ones. Others are maybe a little more pragmatic, and interested in ways this technology can be used to improve companies’ performance and efficiency.”

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