Bitcoiners Run, Swim and Cycle Across Europe in First-Ever “Satoshi Freeathlon”

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— Vitus Zeller (@Vitus_Ze) August 8, 2019

The group of athletes, called “Team Satoshi”, are inspired by Vitus Zeller, the founder of “Tour de Satoshi” who writes in a blog post,

“All over the globe universal human rights are under attack. Journalism is under attack… freedom of opinion and information are under attack…

I truly believe in a world of an open, global, neutral, censorship-resistant and decentralized currency for the people.

We advocate for human rights, freedom of transaction, freedom of opinion and freedom of information as well as for the right of privacy.”

The athletes, supported by peer-to-peer crypto trading platform LocalBitcoins, will kick off their next event on September 6th in memory of early Bitcoin contributor Hal Finney.

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