What does being a whole coiner mean to you?

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What does being a whole coiner mean to you?

Bitcoin has been doing fabulously well this week. As it stands, it spiked to $27k, and along with it, our morale. Although we see Bitcoin as a long-term investment and will DCA steadfastly into it, no matter its price action, it’s a nice feeling to watch it pump.

We know that the concept of being a ‘whole coiner’ is just our monkey brain being comfortable with a nice round number. Indeed, integer bias is well documented. Still, the notion of accumulating one whole Bitcoin is an option that people gravitate towards because achieving this milestone will make you one of the exclusive 980k people who have done likewise. To many of us, it means finishing a stacking marathon we have begun years ago. (Of course, the quest to accumulate the second Bitcoin begins soon later.) Fir better or for worse, it is a tangible manifestation of our conviction and commitment.

Hence, my question: what does having 1 BTC mean to you? And does Bitcoin’s current pump make you more fired up to get to one whole coin as soon as possible even though you rationally know that buying more BTC now will average up your purchase price?

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