Virtual Cloud Mining - 200 TRX Payment 🍰

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Frankly speaking, virtual cloud mining is out of date. It is taking less to invest in these types of pages that are supposedly advertised as mining projects. Most of them are pure Scam. However, they are good for attracting reckless, inexperienced and confident investors.

I consider myself an old dog in this regard, I have already been scammed by several of these platforms and surprisingly I occasionally invest $10 or $20 to test their reliability. Always a capital that you are willing to lose of course.

A few weeks ago I registered with Minex, a page that is offered as virtual mining in the cloud. I made a deposit of 365 TRX and today I received my first Tronlink payment of 200 TRX.

The page smells of scam from afar, however it has paid. Something that is usually common in the first months of staging but then changes. As soon as they see that they have collected enough money they leave. Not to mention that with the deposits that users make, what they do is go to the cryptocurrency online casinos to bet this capital to multiply it quickly. While they win they pay, as soon as they run out of investors they go bankrupt and disappear.

This message is an alert for all those who think or work on these platforms. To this day, except for ROLLERCOIN and Dualmine, the rest do not convince me. Its half-life is usually less than one year.

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