Dogecash is now worth more then Dogecoin

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Dogecash is worth more then dogecoin ?




Dogecash is a POS token on its own chain ! 

Based on Pivx code, DogeCash has privacy in its core. You'll be able to be your bank with full real control of your digital assets.

It has only 21 Millions Total Supply and will never have more ( like bitcoin )


A USD Dollar gets devaluated around 1.5% each year. DogeCoin gets devalued a 5% each year. DogeCash will only have 21 million coins 

Recent Price actions tends to show a Jump Ship happening

Will these robinhood kids wake up anytime soon ?

Will they start buying actual cryptocurrency's ?

Will they stop listening to these cardboard box cut youtubers ?


I wont be plugging this post with any referrals for exchanges but you can trade dogecash right now over at : 

  • Stakecube ( stakes coin for you as soon as its in your stakecube wallet ) 
  • Stex


Be the smarter dog 


Regulation and Society adoption

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