Death to Robinhood!

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So, Robinhood's founder has received DEATH THREATS now, according to Yahoo News via Business Insider.  What do I think of this?  I am not surprised.  These people were scammed.  No one likes con artists.  Crypto and investing over the web seem like an awesome concept, or at least, SEEMED like an awesome concept.  But now...

PublishOx is dedicated to giving everyone news about cryptocurrency and promoting it.  But this Robinhood fiasco is going to turn millions of people away from it.  Watch.

Honestly, I ALMOST signed up to trade on Robinhood.  But the "ALL we need is your social security number" just made Me SO uneasy!  Right now, I micro-invest with Acorns and plan to micro-invest with RoundlyX as well (see last post).

So, be careful traders!  Will this whole fiasco make people uneasy about trading online?  Will people on other sites like COINBASE and CEX cancel their accounts?  We will see... 

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