Bankroll option, only your decision is needed. This is still very new

Do repost and rate:

No one takes responsibility for your investments, so you are always responsible. Therefore, this is only a guide to an opportunity for you to make money.Always do your own research and only then act.



Bankroll Flow provides 365% APY on player deposits with passive play. Flow will never drain and operates very similar to farms, minting BNKRX rewards for participation over time. By getting direct referrals and building teams players can accelerate how fast they ROI on initial deposits. Every direct referral by a player provides 10% income on deposits. An individual player can have an unlimited amount of direct referrals. Each direct referal becomes the head of a team chain, so a player can have an unlimited amount of team chains. This is true for EVERY player, a player has one and only one buddy / upline and many teams / downlines. Each team chain earns additional rewards as withdrawals are made from up to 15 players in the team / downline. A downline is a team of players linked by buddies / uplines. Each direct referral you have is the head of a downline in your team, so focus on organic referrals. Rewards in each generation of your downlines are as follows: 1st: 30%, 2nd - 5th: 10%, 6th - 10th: 8%, and 11th - 15th: 5%.

In addition, every deposit, roll, and claim generates a 5% BNKR buyback which is sent to Stronghold players. Spread the word and let's grow Bankroll!

* A minimum initial deposit of 10 BNKRX is required to get started.

Walkthrough -

If you are interested in our request here you can make your own account for yourself.

It is important to paste the BUDDY code into each image because then you will not be part of the team.

buddy Code = TxbkdN5rjESQXNvnKJEkM5bhAwkjQuAYe6

paste the code Buddy here

Once you have this you can now buy a Throne - BNKRX token, you need a minimum of 10 to get started, but you can buy thousands. Now it is well worth it because you can buy it at a good price.

On this site you can buy and sell BNKRX tokens for Tron coin and vice versa, so you can also sell.


If you buy it, it will be in your inner wallet and you can invest here.

Enter how many BNKRX tokens you bought here and how much you invest. When you enter it, it is transferred to the system on the other side and there you can track the daily return on your investment as well.

You will be transferred here and you can see how much you bought at number 1. at number 2 what is your daily yield, at number 3 the top button is "ROLL" the reversal you can do this daily or under CLAIM you can request it here


If you are thinking about the long term and want to achieve a larger amount in, say, one year, then be sure to choose the return and your investment will pay off badly according to the calculation based on the interest rate.

I will put an example picture of this. Suppose you buy a Tron coin for $ 100 and then a BNKRX token and a rollback with interest at the rate one year later you can see how much you can see in the next picture.

But it’s not mandatory to wait through the one year at any time you can take it out if you need money. The request is also the payment procedure, you can only sell the reverse BNKRX token for Tron coin and request it, or you can request the BNKRX token because it can be found in the Tronlink wallet or you can put it in ..

So you have $ 100 in the picture for a year. Is it calculated with 1% interest per day?

So $ 100 a day with 1% interest, rolled back for 12 months a day! I don't think it's bad to make that much money out of $ 100, so you just press the ROLL button every day to have interest.

Here you can see how your income develops on a monthly basis.

So $ 100 is $ 2421 and that can only be more because the exchange rate can rise in a year, isn't it?

If you would like an account after this please do so here.

buddy cod = TSQXNvnKJEkMxbkdN5rjE5bhAwkjQuAYe6

be sure to copy this code otherwise you will not be able to do anything on the site.

Good luck. If you need it, help me in what I can.



The information you enter is indicative, it is up to you how much you invest.

Always do an analysis beforehand.

No one takes responsibility for your investments, so you are always responsible. Therefore, this is only a guide to an opportunity for you to make money.


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