Rollercoin - First -24- Hours

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Rollercoin - First -24- Hours

I tried Spinterlands last week. I played it for about 2 minutes then decided it was not for me. I saw a lot of positive posts about Rollercoin so decided to look into it. One of the first results was a post from last year. I used their refferal link. I then played a few games similar ones that I use to pay to play in the Arcade when I was a child. Then later I played those sorts of games on a intertelvion. My parents still have it in their loft. It was a bit easier on a phone. 

I then sent a few doge to get a rack and two if the cheapest miners. My mining rate is very low just 77.582 Th/s so it will take me a very long time to actually make anything. At the moment I am getting just 0.18 Satochi per block. I am not sure if I will stick with it as the games are a bit momotonous.

So far I have made 1015 satachi including the 1000 sign up bonus. 

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