Einstein crypto exchange doubles user base after mobile app launch

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Einstein Exchange, a Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2017, today reported a spike in customer growth as a result of the launch of the company’s mobile wallet and trading applications. Within 14 days of launch, Einstein added over 60,000 new customers, representing over 100% growth in total customer count, and over 20,000 verifying their identity within the app’s proprietary KYC engine.

Einstein released its cryptocurrency mobile applications on Apple’s iOS Store and Google’s Play Store in the first week of March 2019 featuring cryptocurrency trading, in-app identity verification, unlimited Visa and Mastercard funding with mobile 3DS security and unlimited $10 referral bonus to all customers who verify their identities.

Both Apple and Google’s Android apps reached the top 100 free finance apps, respectively, attracting over 10,000 new downloads per day and driving over 19,000% increase in the exchange’s trade volume.

“Einstein’s mobile applications had a stunning and extraordinary debut. It took us 18 months to acquire our first 65,000 customers, whereas our mobile apps clearly showed tremendous value on a global scale for us to be fortunate to acquire over 60,000 new customers within 2 weeks. We still have much to do to attract new customers and grow the overall market size, but this type of adoption gives us the optimism and market validation we need to continue innovating and pushing the industry forward.”Michael Gokturk, Einstein’s CEO

Einstein Convert, the company’s featured mobile crypto wallets, enable customers to convert, earn, and spend over 19 different types of cryptocurrency from the safety and security of their mobile phones. Customers can convert into any cryptocurrency commission-free, earn $10 for every friend they refer to the app, and spend all or part of their wallet balance by using their free Einstein electronic credit-card issued right to their mobile phone.

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