Wands Out ruleset in Splinterlands - still the same failures to be made

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So dear readers, we are in another week of Splinterlands. Good thing is: SPLINTERLANDS is still there.

Besides that there were no really happy news, I think. Some author's saw an increase in Splinterlands-related tokens after their most recent announcements had been made, but if there was such a thing its effect has been diluted already.

Therefore I think we have nothing more but to look at another match of mine in the Splinterverse.

The ruleset of the week is called "Wands Out" and its restrictions read as following: "Only units with magic attacks may be used.

Use Phase, Void, Void Armor, and Magic Reflect to counter magic attacks."

So your choice of units gets limited to units with magic attack and you get advice on some abilities that one could consider "counter magic"-abilities.

This is my battle with "Wands Out" ruleset:


I think "Wands Out" ruleset somehow limits the usability of most summoners. I think both me and my opponent went with the most obvious summoner choice: Obsidian of Earth Splinter.

Else I went with more expensive units both in mana points as well as in rarity.

In round 1 both of our Mycelic Slipspawns drew all enemy fire on them and neither of them looked healthy. I however got lucky, to activate before my opponent.

But then I got less fortunate: My Mycelic Slipspawn soon followed my opponent's and left the board, too. Furthermore while his Goblin Psych had another unit for healing available, mine did not.

Round 3 started to look good for me due to some tactical decision which would later prove desastrous to him regarding this game: His healer Goblin Psych became the tank while mine was still placed in last position and good for several activations with healing to come.

Along with my slightly higher firepower, a victory was within reach for me.

And that is exactly how it played out, while my remaining units enjoyed a lot of healing, my enemy's unit did not and left the board one by one.

What is the conclusion regarding the relevance of this ruleset? -To me it is, that all mechanisms are still the same they would have been, otherwise. Only your choice of units gets limited to magic attack units. But otherwise ... I think the same considerations have to be made like if the ruleset was not in place.

E.g. in this battle the placement of the Healer was unfortunate. But it would have been unfortunate in most other rulesets, too. Only reason to put the healer more in front would be if you were afraid of "Sneak" ability attacks. However there are not a lot of units which have both magic attack and sneak ability I know.

You are still not into the Splinterverse, but you consider joining? -Consider using my sign-up link, too: https://splinterlands.com?ref=jdike

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