Splinterlands Rebellion Sneak Peaks

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The Rebellion card set will be released soon. There isn't much time left before ranked battles will change. I still have 105 packs from the pre-sale but I thought it would be a good idea to check out the cards. I did take a look at sneak peek #1 last week but there are two more sneak peeks out. With only so much time before the new card set, getting a refresher on the new abilities or summoners is a good idea. The image is part of the weekly social media challenge

Sneak Peek #2 and #3

This section will cover a few cards in sneak peak #2 and some of the interesting cards that I have seen.

The first card that I thought was interesting was Runeseer Seveya. This card doesn't have any attack but it has a bunch of supportive abilities. It starts off with  so that already makes it quite powerful. When it levels up, amplify could definitely be powerful. If you combine it with the weapons training ability, then it can also be an attacker.

Another interesting card is this flying dragon called Redwyrm Dragon. It's a dragon with both immunity so it would perfect in those battles where both earthquakenoxious fumes. I have seen it a few times but it's always been a terrible battle ti fight against.

The next part will cover a few cards in sneak peak #3

This card just looks like a beast. If it was placed in the first spot, it would take a long time to kill and it really makes me wonder if putting in low damage cards is a good idea after this card is in modern. The other good thing about this card is that the 2nd card can attack from the 2nd position and it's basically a free reach so you can place multiple tanks up in the front.

The next interesting card is this one. With weapons training, it can give melee attack to the 2nd spot and the flank ability also gives reach to that monster. Later on, it also learns the heal ability so it can be a decent tank.

The new cards are quite interesting and it looks like the cards you can play can be used in various different ways. Some of the most annoying rulesets are also solved by some of the abilities. Melee monsters will have less restrictions with the flank ability. With the removal of untamed, I will have to think about new strategies and I have a few new ideas because of these new cards. I might have to actually buy a few cards to at least give myself more options after things are released in around a week. The new cards are quite nice and it will definitely take some time to find out the best new strategies with these new cards.

Feel free to leave a comment if you read my post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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