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I hope all of you are enjoying the day with your loved ones while waiting for the upcoming weekend. For is SPLINTERLANDS players, there is a need of a small weekend as well cause we have just finished another ranked season and I guess by now, all of you have claimed and opened your season reward chests. I am currently playing at Champ III tier after the season trophy reset with a current trophy count of 4003, clashing near the champ II border. Last season, I was as usual playing in the Champ league and I collected a total of 72 season chests and opened them quickly after they became available for claim. But sadly, the rewards were decent and I haven't get anything special this time and will share the outcome later in this post.

In-Game Progress

Now, first taking a look at the current ingoing ranked season, I couldn’t play for long time since last 2 days and finished both the focus missions with 5 at last day and 7 for today. But gladly, now my Energy rate has come back to a healthy place and by the time I play tomorrow, it will be almost full and I can also go full on rampage. I also bought around 18 energies last season while competing for the lb so this season I will be more careful with it while will also try to focus using more focus cards to increase my trophy count. I have only collected 12 season chests so far so have to check on that too and what playing splinterlands feels Like, balancing between Battle rewards and season chests vs energy cap.

Conflict drop in 6 days

Moving on, let me share my progress in conflict and for those who don't know, conflict is the name of new splinterlands airdrop mechanism or system where players who own the latest Rebellion edition cards can stake them In wagons (can be bought via vouchers token) and earn chances to claim the aid-drop and the more chances you collect than others, the more probability of you getting the special limited edition airdrop cards. Now for Me, since the after the launch of the rebellion edition Cards I was buying them in a slow manner and by now, I have made 7 wagons and my current continuation point rate is 82,860 per hour. So far, I have collected 398 chances for the upcoming first Airdrop card and as per rule, for every 200 chances there will be 1 guarantee card, so within some next hours after I cross 400 total chances, I will be getting at least 2 Rage monster cards, the name for the first airdrop card that will cost 16 mana and will come With 5 magic attack with Weapon Training and more abilities. So it you play this game and know what I just meant, you know how important and costly this card will be in future. By the time the airdrop happens which is another around 6 days 5 hour from now, I will be collecting some more chances over 400 so hope that taking all of them into account, I at least get one extra than my guaranteed count.

Now moving forward, I have been saving my merit points for quite some time now that I earn from mainly playing brawls and rest from opening ranked reward chests. Merit points are the only currency that can buy you gladius card packs that consists limited edition cards that can be obtained only via opening gladius packs. So players who actually play the game very actively or often will be the ones who earn merit points and get these limited edition cards for free just through playing the game.

Gladius cards are so Rare!

Anyway so today, I decided to check my current merit count, as I just finished playing another brawl and got a bunch of merits as brawls are the main source to earn these token. When I opened the guild shop page, I found out that ai have 29,137 merit points which are enough to buy me 14 gladius packs. So without thinking much, I quickly bought 14 gladius packs and opened them all at once in the mana well tab. Let me share the outcome below:

As you can see, I have not got a single legendary card this time as well and yes. Getting those legendary type glad cards are totally a super rare case. I got mostly in common or rare type cards and only one fortunately was an Epic card, Marisol Contuma, which is a very good life card with reach ability and high melee attack power. Anyways, any gladius card is important as they are free but rare cards to get your hands one.

Now taking a look at my season chests opening below before we close the convo!

The season reward value breakdown:

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Do you like to play this amazing game? Let me know in the comment section below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands

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