A car that mines crypto

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How Canadian automaker Daymak came up with the idea of ??launching a car capable of mining cryptocurrency.



this idea is very real and it will be called the Spiritus Ultimate and apparently it will allow mining of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and certainly other cryptocurrencies when the car is parked.


The Spiritus will be equipped with the latest computer equipment in terms of GPUs.


Once the Spiritus is parked and connected to a charging station or at your home, it will be able to mine the requested cryptocurrencies.


We all know the energy resources that cryptocurrency mining requires.


For my part, I am not sure that this is a very good idea because it is better to have a computer at $ 3,000 or $ 4,000 to mine than a car has several dozen thousands of dollars.


One thing is certain, it is a very good way to stand out from the crowd for this brand of car which has certainly understood that the future may lie in cryptocurrencies.


Despite everything the car shows good performance it develops 197 hp and has a range of 480 km it is equipped with solar panels.


Do you think this is a good idea?

What do you think about this ?


Leave a little comment if you like, without insults or hatred. This is only information to find on the internet.

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