Tesla backtracks on hiring someone to fight Elon Musk’s Twitter critics

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Reports published yesterday suggested that EV maker Tesla was on the hunt to hire someone specifically to fight against social media messages directed at the company’s CEO Elon Musk. However, it seems the company has already gone back on the idea.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet, and the job description for a customer service post at Tesla has been changed to now omit any mention of them being required to fight messages leveled at Musk.

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As spotted by Jay Boller on Twitter, the original job posting required an “Energy Support Specialist” to address social media escalations directed at the CEO. In other words, they need someone to dive into Musk’s Twitter mentions to defuse tense situations, using critical thinking.

However, at some point in the past 24 hours the job description has been changed.

As seen in the screenshot below, the updated job description’s opening paragraph now omits any mention of having to step in and do Elon Musk’s dirty work when angry drivers drop him an @ because their window explodes, or their roof blew off, or their rear bumper disintegrated.

The updated job description now omits any mention of working on the CEO’s social media mentions.

Tesla never has been a company to follow convention, but with the updated job description it seems that support specialists at the company won’t be required to mediate Elon Musk’s Twitter mentions. Instead, it’s back to answering telephone calls with no need for critical thinking.

If only there were a department of Tesla that we could contact to find out what’s going on…


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