StBriansDefi Updates #5: How To Cope With Cryptocurrency Challenges

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I have often heard the term 'cryptocurrency enthusiasts' sprawled in capital letters all over the internet. What most of them do not reveal to us are challenges faced by the so called enthusiasts. Every elevation in rank does not come without responsibilities.

The Cryptocurrency Ranks.

  • The Cryptocurrency investors. These are the people who use their money to invest in Cryptocurrency. To them, they see Cryptocurrency as a way of making substantial returns from their investments.
  • Cryptocurrency traders. These buy and sell Cryptocurrency in order to make profits.
  • Cryptocurrency miners. They generate Cryptocurrency.
  • Cryptocurrency airdrop earners. These ones earn from airdrops.
  • Cryptocurrency stakers. They lock up their Cryptocurrency for a period of time so as to earn from the same
  • Cryptocurrency lenders. They lend Cryptocurrency to others in order to earn interest.
  • Cryptocurrency buy and hold. 
  • Cryptocurrency dividends earners. They invest in companies to earn dividends.

Cryptocurrency Challenges.

  • Addiction may be termed as the number one challenge of Cryptocurrency. There are people who are so much hooked to cryptocurrency that they monitor their journey day and night. They have set alarms to wake them hourly in order to monitor their trend. These ones need help. The private rehab clinic Castle Craig, near Peebles in the Scottish Borders is an ideal place to treat this sort of addiction.
  • Loosing money due to the bear market. The bear market is when a certain coin or coins in the market keep on going down or fall 20% below the price. People lose money during this period.
  • Vulnerability to scams is another challenge experienced by Cryptocurrencies. Most scammers target cryptocurrency.
  • Forgetting, deleting and losing the virtue wallets thus losing your hard earned finances can be the most serious of these challenges.

Kindly help us curb these challenges and many others.

Regulation and Society adoption

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