Splinterlands | Vruz is probably the best Sneak card ever

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I hope all of you are doing well in your life and also enjoying this amazing card game in your free time daily. Well the crypto market recently took a sharp u-turn just before the Bitcoin halving event and most of the crypto tokens caught a downtrend, but happily after the halving event, things are now turning positive and the crypto market is catching an uptrend as I saw today. Like most of the coins, SPS is also catching up with the trend and after pumping a little bit up from its all-time low value, it is currently being sold for 0.015$ per Unit. I am happy seeing this uptrend vibe in SPS because as a SPLINTERLANDS lover myself, I really love this token and hope it again gets pumped up and gets a good spot. On the other hand, we have already come near the middle of this current ranked season and only around 9 days remain for the season end, so I hope you are playing well and giving your best to collect those juicy SPS and Glint points as I am also following the same.

Now moving on, today I will be talking about one of my favorite promo cards that only costs a little mana but if you can use it strategically, it can turn the tables to your favor even in harsh conditions and earn you unbelievable wins. As you have already seen him in the thumbnail, today I will be talking about VRUZ! So without any further delay, let us begin.

Vruz is a special promo edition card that falls under Chaos Legion cards and most will agree that it is probably one of the best cards with sneak ability out there. This card belongs to the Dragon element and costs only 2 mana to be used in battles, so you can easily fit this card in your lineup from mini to large mana limit matches. It is a common type card with melee type attack and apart from high speed and decent attack power, it also holds 3 abilities at max level that are very useful and make this an overpowered card. Let us take a further look at its stats and abilities league wise below to get a better understanding.

At level 3, this card possesses 1 melee attack at 5 speed and 2 health and it also gets the sneak ability from its initial level. Even in the bronze league, it gets a whooping 5 speed so mostly it will attack at first. Because of the sneak ability, it will attack the enemy card that is positioned at last, so make a combo with one or 2 other sneak cards so you can kill down the rear enemy cards quickly and make the opponent lineup weak.

At level 5, it gets 1 melee attack at 4 speed with 3 health and also gets another ability called Martyr. Now martyr ability is this card's main feature and if used strategically, it can be very useful on the battlefield. When a card with martyr ability dies in a battle, the adjacent cards will get +1 increased value in all stats. So if you want to make one or two of your cards more powerful, just use the Vruz card adjacent to them.

When you upgrade this card to level 8, it gets 2 melee attack at 6 speed with 3 health along with those 2 abilities that I mentioned above. With the increased melee attack it can now damage even more and the cards with Shield abilities will now get damaged from this card as well.

Diamond / Champion

When this card finally gets upgraded to its max level of 10, it possesses 2 melee attack at 7 speed with 3 health and at its max level, it also gets another new ability called True Strike. With this new ability, now this card can not miss its target whenever attacking, even if the enemy card is of high speed or possesses flying or Evade ability.

Battle Link

Battle Stat

While I was playing a tournament battle today, I got a match with a high 50 mana limit and there were 3 elements allowed in the match - Water, Life and Dragon. There were 3 rulesets in this match - Enrage, Blast and Reach. I decided to choose High mana life melee and magic cards to build my lineup and was also looking for a way to neutralize the blast effects because they can destroy my lineup if not taken care of. So I chose the Dragon summoner Quix and chose Mantaroth at my front followed by Vruz, Corsair Bosun, Iziar, Oshuur Constantia and Meriput Magician at the end place of my lineup. When both of the lineups were revealed, I found out that my opponent had used the Lix Vega summoner and chosen High Mana Life cards against me.

Now, as you can see from my lineup which I shared above, I intentionally put Vruz in the second position so that it dies of blast damage early and gives the adjacent monsters more stat. I also use Constantia to revive it so that I can benefit from its Martyr ability 2 times back to back. Next, I used 2 monsters with Reflection Shield ability to neutralize the blast damages and at the end, I chose the magician to heal up my front monster so that it lives longer and keeps attacking with increased stat. Not to mention that I also chose Iziar in the middle with both of the Reflection Shield monsters adjacent to it so that all the backline enemy attacks target my Iziar and the blast damage gets soaked by the adjacent monsters. Yes, I literally brainstormed in this match as expected, I won this match at the end.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the match that I shared above and also liked reading my post about this amazing monster Vruz. Do you also own this monster or have played with it earlier? Let me know in the comment section below and I will see you all in my next post!

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

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