Solana-Based Dogecoin Rival Rallies After Suprise Listing on Crypto Exchange KuCoin

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A memecoin rivaling the likes of Dogecoin () and Shiba Inu () built on the Solana () blockchain is rallying on a new major listing.

KuCoin, the sixth largest crypto exchange by trading volume and known for supporting “altcoin gems”  Bonk () yesterday on its platform.

According to the announcement, BONK trading begins today, with BONK withdrawals being allowed as early as tomorrow.

“BONK was launched as a massive Christmas airdrop to the Solana community at the end of 2022, almost marking the exact bottom of Solana’s price & sentiment.

In the months since launch BONK has recently achieved an all-time high of 480k unique holders, making it one of the most widely distributed tokens on Solana. Over 100 apps use BONK.

BONK’s mission is to reward loyal Solana users and power apps that are ‘Only possible on Solana’.

It has remained the most traded token on Solana after Solana itself and USDC for most days since the start of the year.”

As early as January of this year, the head of strategy and communications at the Solana Foundation, Austin Federa, Bonk is fostering a strong community as active addresses on the Solana network are up.

BONK’s price action has gone bonkers since, exploding 14.6% in the last 24 hours. The dog-themed token is worth $0.000004 at time of writing.

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