Ripple to Discuss Remittance Transformation Using Digital Asset at SWIFT’s SIBOS

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SWIFT has again invited Ripple Inc., the initiator of XRP Ledger, to make presentation on using digital currencies in the transformation of remittance industry.

The Sans Francisco startup was selected among fleets of financial tech firms across the globe to grace the SWIFT’s annual conference tagged SIBOS. For years now, Ripple has been making presentations at the conference in the presence of big firms across the globe.

At the 2018 SIBOS, rumors were rife that Ripple and SWIFT would be announcing a turnaround partnership. However, the rumor came out to be closer to lie than truth.

Meanwhile, at this year’s 4 days event holding in London between 23rd to 26th September, 2019, Managing Director of MENA and South Asia for Ripple, Navin Gupta, is going to be making a presentation tagged: “Ripple: The future of cross-border payments – Transforming remittances with digital assets.”

The presentation is to focus on meeting the ever-increasing expectation of consumers across the financial world.

Gupta will discuss how to meet the expectations of customers with fast, convenient, and frictionless remittance solution using digital assets.

The managing director of Ripple in South Asia will enlighten the gathering on the remittance industry’s revolution introduced via crypto assets and especially, Ripple’s glorified partnership with global remittance giant MoneyGram and its future prospects.

Gupta will speak extensively on how Ripple collaborate with firms like MoneyGram to make available, on-demand liquidity for international remittance.

He’s going to highlight how MoneyGram and Ripple collaboration solved fundamental glitches around liquidity management for payments and businesses at present and in the nearest future.

Through the partnership, MoneyGram intends exploring Ripple’s xRapid, which makes use of XRP token to perfect its remittance service.

Ripple through its innovations finally removed the Nostro accounts burden (keeping billions in accounts across the globe for remittance purposes) on cross-border payment firms across the world.

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