Life Beyond mints out for Foundery Key NFTs and Jacket

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Life beyond is a FPS free to play MMORPG game. It's one of the game with the third person view with pretty cool interface. The game had this founder key NFTs and the jacket mints. And in the 17th the sale got closed. Maybe some NFTs would remain and can be resold later you never know. The jackets are interesting items which are wearable items in the game and it would be one time sale. And the Founder NFTs would be the item that can't be resold as the game has that NFTs which can be one time sold.

Life beyond's roadmap is out. You can check out in the twitter post below. As you can see there would be some of the sales that may happen in this year. Expect to shell out 130 and 150 USD worth of the NFTs in the market.

These NFTs are out there available in the opensea. So you may want to explore the game items and they would pretty coolest NFTs to explore and make money from as well. In this game, there is this planet named Dolos in the distant star. It has the first settlement, clear and defend this land which would be a good flow that one follows while playing such game.

There are both solo and the group missions. There would be some of the rewards that would be coming as you win those missions. There will be new events and the prizes that would be out for anyone who wants to make churn in the game. Concept wise you would come across some of the quality graphics and game is playworthy.

There is one of the gameplay video that is out which can give you an idea of the game.

It's a good game, I would say for those who like the SciFi and FPS theme into one game. I think overall a good game in context of the rewards too. It's worth keeping a tab on if you like playing such games.

You can check out - Life Beyond

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