It's Time To Unite, We Will Either Perish One By One Or Exist Together….

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Cryptocurrency markets have never been more correlated with current financial markets. I mentioned it in my previous articles. This may have a positive effect in the short and medium term, but negatively affect the cryptocurrency markets in the long term. You ask why … ?

Until a few years ago, those who invested in cryptocurrency always talked about; There must be a large inflow of money into the market. In the last bull season there was this money inflow, but from where … ?

Fueled by the current collapsing financial system, investment institutions have started investing in cryptocurrencies. It has also revived the cryptocurrency markets in the short and medium term. Then … These financial institutions started to play with the projects in the cryptocurrency markets like cat and mouse. This showed that the cryptocurrency markets are very quickly open to manipulation and unprotected.

This started to happen frequently in 2022 and it continues … I think it was done deliberately …

The regulation studies of the United States and the European Union were not taken into account in the cryptocurrency markets. It was said that blockchain technology is freedom, it is the future of investment without intermediaries … Then …

International financial institutions have started operations, sometimes secretly and sometimes openly. The long-short transactions of the cryptocurrency markets peaked. These transactions are one of the greatest evils of the financial system that is about to collapse. They have also placed this in the cryptocurrency markets.

Cryptocurrency markets will have to adopt regulations. My only fear about regulations; It is the decision of the actors of the financial system that is about to collapse. For this reason, the exchanges in the cryptocurrency markets are active in this regard, communicating with the decision makers to prevent unilateral decisions. But we see the contention of the CEOs of the major exchanges in the cryptocurrency markets. This hurts the cryptocurrency markets. It allows control to fall into the hands of sovereign financial institutions and politicians.

It's time to unite, We will either perish one by one or exist together….

Especially recently; The voices of analysts and financial experts who hate the cryptocurrency markets are starting to get louder. They tell on every platform that cryptocurrencies are ponzi and 99% will disappear.

Well, I would like to ask these analysts and experts the following question;

Every day, thousands of companies in the world are opened to serve people and earn in return, and thousands of companies are closed due to financial reasons, marketing and advertising errors, and inability to reach the target audience. Are all of these companies ponzi? . No … Their financial life begins and ends under certain rules.

Projects made on blockchain technology are companies. It was implemented to offer solutions on various issues. Of course, there are fraudulent attempts for these. The important thing here is to raise awareness of investors and make the right decision.

My Last Words; I am not against regulations. Of course, it is very important to protect investors and projects. The important thing is that the players who created the old system and made it collapse do not have an effective say in the future of blockchain finance. You can listen to investment experts, analysts, phenomena, but you need to have a versatile perspective. Whatever market it is, it is based on a balance. Some lose, some win … If you want to be on the winning side, Listen, analyze and decide …

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

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