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It's been a while since I wrote about Nano but I wanted to head back around to Nano because I woke up to a nice surprise this morning. The app TipNano has re instated their referral program. I am a huge fan of Nano (and forks of Nano). It's a fast and feeless transaction blockchain. 

It's odd I get a notification about Valentines promo when it is past Valentines but whatever.

A little while ago Nano Moon'd and I was super excited and it has since level out and stayed at a great value. I believe that Nano will only go up from here.

This is a 90 day chart of Nano. I remember when Nano hit $1 and I was stoked and now it's over $7. Article in January about it

I am not going to go through all the details of the app again since I already wrote this article about. Here

But what I am going to do is start a little giveaway :) 

Right now I have 3 Referrals in TipNano. When I get to 5 Referral's I will give out 2 exclusive new NFT's. If I get to 10 Referral's I will give out another 3 exclusive NFT's. So that is a total of 5 "1st edition" NFT's to be given out. :)

I have no way to know who joins using my referral link and who doesn't. So to those of you who are lazy and don't want to earn free Nano then just comment your WAX address. To those of you who want to earn free Nano comment with your WAX Address. To those of you who already use the app you can join to. 

On Monday February 22nd at noon central standard time I will check my app and depending on the number of sign ups I will then randomly give out the NFT's to people who have commented. It will be completely random. I am trying to do this fairly and without being able to tell whom signs up I can't say for sure you will get a 1st edition.

Here is my referral link. If you join with my referral link you don't earn any less or lose anything. What happens is that they calculate 15% of your earning and give me that amount but you don't lose the 15% I just get an extra 15% :)


Good Luck everyone!


Oh and for those of you who are NOT on Noise.Cash you really should be. Since I can't really posts my thoughts as they come to me on Publish0x, it is where I work out what new NFT's to make or new designs or anything really. Check me out https://noise.cash/u/TrocProcLock


Also guys check this one out in 4K: here

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