Diamonds Go Digital: Tokenized Fund on Avalanche

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Tokenizing real-world assets is a growing cryptocurrency trend, drawing global financial interest. Let’s discover more about this important development on Avalanche.

Diamonds Shine in Tokenization Trend

The new Diamond Standard Fund-backed token is now traded on the regulated Oasis Pro Markets. This setup boosts diamond investment liquidity and opens up the $1.2 trillion resource to more investors. The fund qualifies for IRAs and welcomes institutional investors like pension funds and endowments. The Diamond Standard CEO emphasized the fund’s convenience and traceability, making a once-elusive asset class more accessible.

Diamonds, known for their allure and inherent value, are the latest asset to undergo the tokenization process. This highlights the crypto industry’s push to integrate traditional assets into the blockchain, broadening cryptocurrency investment appeal. Oasis Pro’s Diamond Fund token on Avalanche C-Chain is a key milestone in asset blockchain integration. The fund, by Diamond Standard and Horizon Kinetics, introduced Wednesday, signals a new diamond investment era.

More about Tokenized Diamonds

Using Avalanche C-Chain for tokenization is notable for its efficiency and low cost, ideal for managing tokenized assets. This technological foundation ensures that the diamond-backed token can be traded efficiently and securely, offering a seamless experience for investors.

Launching the Diamond Fund on regulated Oasis Pro Markets tackles security and compliance in tokenization. Meeting strict regulations boosts investor confidence and integrates tokenized assets into mainstream finance.

Regulation and Society adoption


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