DCity - An Investment Trial staking $500 into developing a metropolis

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DCity stood until now by its name so with this investment trial I want to push that and see how it comes up in the end. The infusion of capital in the city should be a healthy one and should be focus on building to provide high yield in order to beat the return time. There might be mechanics balancing the taxes from time to time with harder periods than others, but overall I should able to get in front of things and see if the return is doable into 90 to 100 days from this point forward.

At the moment I am wrapping my head what building will add to the city and thinking of the strategy for it if I will be able to fill up the city from today or if I will spread my investment over a number of days to get better prices. Nevertheless, the countdown has started and we'll need to see where we get from here. I plan to do my first review of the city on 1st January 2021 and see where I am standing and how things are going on. Will need to track the performance of the city day by day in order to have the grasp what could be improved as the city is a living creature and you cannot just put it on auto run and forget about it.


Whether this is a good investment or not we shall see and also how much time that someone needs to make back the initial investment out of this great game. Is a challenge I have undertaken, the dices have been thrown and we just need to way and see how things evolve. I hope all is well with you and if you are interested in this trial, come back to my DCity and see the results of it.

Come join DCity and build the city of the future!

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