CoinEx Launches Pyramiding Auto-Settlement to Improve the Futures Capital Efficiency

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To help users improve their utilization rate of Futures assets and offer better trading experiences, CoinEx has released a new feature called Pyramiding Auto-Settlement, available both on Web and in App, in March 2023.

Pyramiding Auto-Settlement is a settlement mechanism introduced into Futures trading. By automatically settling profits into available funds, the function improves the capital efficiency of futures assets. It should be noted, however, the settlement mechanism will not increase or reduce users’ funds in futures trading. Rather, the feature merely settles profits into available funds to improve capital efficiency, allowing users to make use of CoinEx Futures more flexibly and conveniently.

Pyramiding Auto-Settlement is settled every 8 hours. At each settlement, when a user’s Futures account is in profit statistically, the unrealized PNL can be automatically settled as realized PNL in the position margin. In Isolated Margin mode, users can adjust the margin manually; while in Cross Margin mode, the margin can be adjusted manually or automatically.

Aside from that, the 8-hour settlement cycle applies to all futures, i.e., 3 times a day: 00:00, 8:00, and 16:00 (UTC). The settlement price, a new parameter introduced by Pyramiding Auto-Settlement, is used to calculate the value of unrealized PNL and realized PNL. The parameter is updated upon automatic settlements and when a position is opened or increased/decreased. The specifics of the automatic settlement are as follows:

Settlement hours: 00:00, 8:00, and 16:00 (UTC)
StatisticsIsolated MarginCross Margin
Unrealized PNLIf unrealized PNL=0, then the figure will be recalculatedIf unrealized PNL=0, then the figure will be recalculated
Realized PNLUpdated: the unrealized PNL recorded at the last settlement hour will be added to the current realized PNL


Updated: the unrealized PNL recorded at the last settlement hour will be added to the current realized PNL
Position MarginUpdated in real time (profits can be manually settled into available funds)Updated in real time (profits can be manually settled into available funds)
Total PNLSameSame
Available FundsSameUpdated when in profit

For a better trading experience, CoinEx recommends upgrading the Android App to the latest version 3.18.4 in case of any potential impacts. For the specific calculation equations of Pyramiding Auto-Settlement, please refer to CoinEx’s Help Center.

So far, CoinEx has rolled out many Futures functions that include Contract Data, Futures Take-Profit & Stop-Loss (TP/SL), Futures Calculator, and Pyramiding Auto-Settlement, covering over 110 futures trading markets. In the past year, Contract Data has helped over 4 million CoinEx users capture real-time market movements and make well-informed investment decisions. Meanwhile, the exchange has also launched Promotion functions like CoinEx Tradeboard to add more fun to the futures trading experience and provide more user-exclusive benefits. Going forward, CoinEx will keep on perfecting its Futures products and release more features to make sure its users could trade futures with greater ease and convenience.

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