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We could not find a lot of information about this exchange - be careful when dealing with them.They have the following features:User-friendly interfaceFull Trade page at the screen without scrollingImmediate cryptocurrency deposit / withdrawalYobiCodes (deposit codes)Api in btc-e format for faster integration into bot-systems;Two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator, email);Lottery.DICE.On the security side they say they have:File systems encryptionSSLAnti-ddosIntelligent system of queer transaction analysis and blocking;Real time encrypted data backup;Cold/hot wallets.Yobit exchange native tokens are Yobit Token (YO) and YobitVirtualCoin (YOVI). 
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Криптовалюты, Токены, Фитаные валюты


Trading Fee: 0.2%


Cryptocurreny: 0.0005 QIWI: 0% PerfectMoney: 3% Payeer: 2% RUR/ 1% USD AdvCash: 3% Visa/Mastercard: 70 RUR + 3% Webmoney: 2% Mobile Phone: 1% Yandex.Money: 2% Capitalist: 3%


Cryptocurreny: 0% QIWI: 5% RUR PerfectMoney: 0% Payeer: 0% RUR, 2% USD AdvCash: 0% Capitalist: 0%

YoBit (yobit) Russia Since

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Trade at YoBit

Market PairCostVolume, 24h.Cost in BTC
ETH-BTC0,06752004 BTC35 181,61 ETH0,06752004 BTC
DASH-BTC0,00212661 BTC488 354,45 DASH0,00212661 BTC
ZEC-BTC0,00338315 BTC243 640,32 ZEC0,00338315 BTC
WAVES-BTC0,00019339 BTC2 713 730,00 WAVES0,00019339 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00237798 BTC80 358,85 LTC0,00237798 BTC
ETC-BTC0,00074816 BTC153 998,63 ETC0,00074816 BTC
BCHABC-BTC0,00049722 BTC29 288,28 BCHABC0,00049722 BTC
BTC-RUR2 021 000,00000000 RUR2,05 BTC1,19728100 BTC
ETH-RUR135 585,44826670 RUR17,68 ETH0,08032357 BTC
BTC-USDT29 521,93099266 USDT1,30 BTC1,00766700 BTC
TRX-BTC0,00000265 BTC363 807,91 TRX0,00000265 BTC
USDT-USD1,04287775 USD23 073,45 USDT0,00003554 BTC
LTC-RUR4 791,00000000 RUR247,85 LTC0,00283829 BTC
ETH-USDT1 965,00000000 USDT10,05 ETH0,06707103 BTC
BTC-USD30 433,83297764 USD0,63 BTC1,03715400 BTC
BTC-USDTTRC2030 672,81558879 USDTTRC200,59 BTC0,99239082 BTC
LTC-ETH0,03508414 ETH194,07 LTC0,00236572 BTC
USDT-BTC0,00003500 BTC10 237,25 USDT0,00003500 BTC
ETH-USD2 046,89999985 USD3,18 ETH0,06975625 BTC
LTC-USD72,00000000 USD82,05 LTC0,00245369 BTC
TRX-RUR5,38391246 RUR57 922,42 TRX0,00000319 BTC
USDT-ETH0,00050355 ETH5 201,13 USDT0,00003396 BTC
XRP-BTC0,00001391 BTC12 551,79 XRP0,00001391 BTC
WAVES-RUR397,44000000 RUR729,32 WAVES0,00023545 BTC
XRP-USD0,42449949 USD9 377,56 XRP0,00001447 BTC
WAVES-USD5,93000227 USD612,75 WAVES0,00020209 BTC
ROOBEE-BTC0,00000007 BTC1 431 540,24 ROOBEE0,00000007 BTC
TRX-USD0,08053404 USD36 499,47 TRX0,00000274 BTC
YO-BTC0,02926677 BTC2,05 YO0,02926677 BTC
ETC-USD22,56172729 USD75,84 ETC0,00076888 BTC
TRX-ETH0,00003924 ETH20 741,01 TRX0,00000265 BTC
YO-RUR60 000,00000031 RUR1,52 YO0,03554522 BTC
ETC-RUR1 503,04327850 RUR59,03 ETC0,00089043 BTC
TRX-USDT0,07685323 USDT15 298,08 TRX0,00000262 BTC
HEX-BTC0,00000296 BTC12 572,91 HEX0,00000296 BTC
LTC-USDT68,70255274 USDT14,56 LTC0,00234501 BTC
ZEC-RUR6 874,70339269 RUR8,12 ZEC0,00407244 BTC
ZEC-RUR6 874,70339269 RUR8,12 ZEC0,00407244 BTC
BTC-USDTBEP2031 194,00000000 USDTBEP200,03 BTC1,00000000 BTC
XRP-USDT0,40608100 USDT2 027,67 XRP0,00001386 BTC
IETH-ETH0,00001877 ETH21 937,98 IETH0,00000127 BTC
ETH-WAVES335,06355080 WAVES0,36 ETH0,06537043 BTC
EVN-BTC0,00000290 BTC7 520,62 EVN0,00000290 BTC
DASH-RUR4 309,54789512 RUR7,19 DASH0,00255306 BTC
WAVES-ETH0,00289335 ETH88,29 WAVES0,00019510 BTC
ETC-ETH0,01096592 ETH22,09 ETC0,00073943 BTC
DASH-USD65,55281523 USD6,81 DASH0,00223397 BTC
ZEC-ETH0,04965489 ETH3,46 ZEC0,00334823 BTC
XRP-ETH0,00020875 ETH734,16 XRP0,00001408 BTC
IETH-BTC0,00000130 BTC7 867,71 IETH0,00000130 BTC
TALK-RUR0,00085616 RUR20 062 786,16 TALK0,00000000 BTC
RBY-BTC0,00000211 BTC3 839,50 RBY0,00000211 BTC
XPD-BTC0,00000042 BTC17 516,90 XPD0,00000042 BTC
TRX-WAVES0,01340000 WAVES2 645,81 TRX0,00000261 BTC
WAVES-USDT5,72713002 USDT33,65 WAVES0,00019548 BTC
ETC-USDT21,21403767 USDT7,83 ETC0,00072410 BTC
ETC-USDT21,21403767 USDT7,83 ETC0,00072410 BTC
USDC-USDT1,00300000 USDT164,65 USDC0,00003424 BTC
DGB-BTC0,00000035 BTC13 925,72 DGB0,00000035 BTC
EOS-USD1,05100112 USD130,38 EOS0,00003582 BTC
ZEC-USD103,33292290 USD1,32 ZEC0,00352147 BTC
ZEC-USD103,33292290 USD1,32 ZEC0,00352147 BTC
SIB-USD0,21000000 USD596,56 SIB0,00000700 BTC
XRP-WAVES0,07038722 WAVES292,70 XRP0,00001373 BTC
GMR-BTC0,00000006 BTC59 728,80 GMR0,00000006 BTC
SAT-USD0,00014000 USD744 015,50 SAT0,00000000 BTC
DMT-BTC0,00000014 BTC23 903,81 DMT0,00000014 BTC
RBY-RUR5,34300000 RUR1 050,16 RBY0,00000317 BTC
ETC-WAVES3,79608704 WAVES4,37 ETC0,00074061 BTC
GMR-BTC0,00000005 BTC60 908,67 GMR0,00000005 BTC
LTC-WAVES11,99999999 WAVES1,20 LTC0,00234118 BTC
LTC-WAVES11,99999999 WAVES1,20 LTC0,00234118 BTC
USDT-WAVES0,17290920 WAVES78,26 USDT0,00003374 BTC
IETH-USD0,04029172 USD1 886,41 IETH0,00000137 BTC
MST-BTC0,00000096 BTC2 639,52 MST0,00000096 BTC
USDC-ETH0,00051111 ETH73,91 USDC0,00003447 BTC
ZEC-WAVES17,45809817 WAVES0,70 ZEC0,00340605 BTC
LINA-BTC0,00000030 BTC7 899,78 LINA0,00000030 BTC
BCHABC-RUR1 000,99999990 RUR3,86 BCHABC0,00059301 BTC
EOS-RUR70,00370422 RUR48,56 EOS0,00004147 BTC
YO-USD867,14298367 USD0,07 YO0,02955134 BTC
SWT-BTC0,00000040 BTC4 393,40 SWT0,00000040 BTC
MET-RUR118,50691720 RUR24,09 MET0,00007021 BTC
DRT-RUR0,06666660 RUR39 889,21 DRT0,00000004 BTC
BTG-USD1,86363655 USD24,79 BTG0,00006351 BTC
DRT-USD0,00090000 USD41 713,01 DRT0,00000003 BTC
ZEC-USDT98,31773054 USDT0,37 ZEC0,00335586 BTC
TRX-YO0,00008962 YO458,98 TRX0,00000262 BTC
ZRC-BTC0,00000130 BTC888,54 ZRC0,00000130 BTC
DRT-WAVES0,00015500 WAVES37 190,25 DRT0,00000003 BTC
SENT-BTC0,00000010 BTC10 910,31 SENT0,00000010 BTC
YO-ETH0,51350333 ETH0,03 YO0,03466661 BTC
CCT-RUR0,14799999 RUR10 081,69 CCT0,00000009 BTC
XEM-RUR3,99821042 RUR362,33 XEM0,00000237 BTC
HEX-USD0,08888888 USD264,49 HEX0,00000303 BTC
LRC-BTC0,00002058 BTC36,04 LRC0,00002058 BTC
UST-BTC0,00000125 BTC576,92 UST0,00000125 BTC
UIS-USD0,00128997 USD15 428,33 UIS0,00000004 BTC
BASH-BTC0,00000001 BTC65 000,00 BASH0,00000001 BTC
START-BTC0,00000002 BTC32 057,98 START0,00000002 BTC
SEDO-RUR20,52436971 RUR50,79 SEDO0,00001216 BTC
ZEC-YO0,11468890 YO0,18 ZEC0,00335657 BTC
DASH-WAVES10,75882665 WAVES0,27 DASH0,00209903 BTC
YFI-BTC0,33337091 BTC0,00 YFI0,33337091 BTC
DAI-BTC0,00007076 BTC7,26 DAI0,00007076 BTC
SYNX-USD0,32929642 USD45,37 SYNX0,00001083 BTC
PULSE-BTC0,00000004 BTC12 236,91 PULSE0,00000004 BTC
LINK-USD8,43283420 USD1,73 LINK0,00028738 BTC
UST-RUR1,50000002 RUR497,25 UST0,00000089 BTC
INXT-WAVES0,61293789 WAVES3,42 INXT0,00011960 BTC
BAT-USD0,36300410 USD32,25 BAT0,00001233 BTC
UKG-BTC0,00000001 BTC38 105,94 UKG0,00000001 BTC
USDC-USD1,04001100 USD9,10 USDC0,00003544 BTC
ROBO-BTC0,00000054 BTC573,44 ROBO0,00000054 BTC
UIS-BTC0,00000006 BTC5 007,76 UIS0,00000006 BTC
BOX-BTC0,00000003 BTC10 000,00 BOX0,00000003 BTC
DFT-BTC0,00000007 BTC3 928,57 DFT0,00000007 BTC
FTM-RUR31,36527890 RUR14,57 FTM0,00001858 BTC
LOOM-BTC0,00000221 BTC120,88 LOOM0,00000221 BTC
BTV-BTC0,00000754 BTC34,40 BTV0,00000754 BTC
DGB-RUR0,72261414 RUR593,09 DGB0,00000043 BTC
SHORTY-BTC0,00000105 BTC233,84 SHORTY0,00000105 BTC
SEDO-BTC0,00000999 BTC25,08 SEDO0,00000999 BTC
XRA-BTC0,00000001 BTC25 065,77 XRA0,00000001 BTC
OCC-BTC0,00000749 BTC31,19 OCC0,00000749 BTC
AE-RUR34,93100000 RUR11,38 AE0,00002069 BTC
MANA-WAVES0,17240434 WAVES6,73 MANA0,00003364 BTC
GVT-RUR12,10000000 RUR29,32 GVT0,00000717 BTC
DASH-YO0,07132805 YO0,10 DASH0,00208741 BTC
LRC-USD0,61374015 USD9,38 LRC0,00002092 BTC
STORJ-RUR40,12907034 RUR8,10 STORJ0,00002377 BTC
INXT-RUR266,88833729 RUR1,13 INXT0,00015811 BTC
HEX-ETH0,00004243 ETH61,24 HEX0,00000286 BTC
AE-ETH0,00025228 ETH10,10 AE0,00001701 BTC
GVT-WAVES0,03000000 WAVES29,32 GVT0,00000585 BTC
UIS-ETH0,00000065 ETH3 896,78 UIS0,00000004 BTC
CRM-BTC0,00000004 BTC4 048,18 CRM0,00000004 BTC
LDOGE-RUR0,00259041 RUR105 172,69 LDOGE0,00000000 BTC
LCC-BTC0,00000018 BTC854,19 LCC0,00000018 BTC
CJ-ETH0,00000001 ETH220 576,32 CJ0,00000000 BTC
WIT-RUR0,00050005 RUR474 220,85 WIT0,00000000 BTC
XBY-BTC0,00000003 BTC4 495,98 XBY0,00000003 BTC
GUESS-RUR0,00050000 RUR452 163,83 GUESS0,00000000 BTC
BIO-RUR0,01773403 RUR12 447,03 BIO0,00000001 BTC
TIT-ETH0,00000052 ETH3 722,65 TIT0,00000004 BTC
TUSD-USD1,03000333 USD3,68 TUSD0,00003505 BTC
ARCT-BTC0,00000002 BTC6 129,26 ARCT0,00000002 BTC
BLRY-BTC0,00000001 BTC11 300,00 BLRY0,00000001 BTC
UIS-WAVES0,00021481 WAVES2 712,87 UIS0,00000004 BTC
DBTC-BTC0,00000002 BTC5 500,00 DBTC0,00000002 BTC
CF-WAVES0,00057000 WAVES857,97 CF0,00000012 BTC
TUSD-BTC0,00003444 BTC2,96 TUSD0,00003444 BTC
ZYD-BTC0,00000006 BTC1 683,79 ZYD0,00000006 BTC
EAGS-BTC0,00000015 BTC673,52 EAGS0,00000015 BTC
MONETA-RUR0,00959321 RUR17 513,43 MONETA0,00000001 BTC
IETH-WAVES0,00655185 WAVES75,19 IETH0,00000128 BTC
LRC-WAVES0,09999999 WAVES4,79 LRC0,00001951 BTC
BOUTS-ETH0,00000020 ETH6 763,71 BOUTS0,00000001 BTC
STORJ-USD0,61571674 USD4,04 STORJ0,00002098 BTC
MONETA-ETH0,00000007 ETH17 513,43 MONETA0,00000000 BTC
RISE-RUR0,81438924 RUR167,89 RISE0,00000048 BTC
MOLK-ETH0,00000004 ETH25 743,00 MOLK0,00000000 BTC
LRC-RUR40,34505200 RUR2,80 LRC0,00002390 BTC
GST-ETH0,00000002 ETH48 068,75 GST0,00000000 BTC
XEM-ETH0,00002789 ETH32,94 XEM0,00000188 BTC
BERN-WAVES0,00012811 WAVES2 394,47 BERN0,00000002 BTC
TALK-WAVES0,00000218 WAVES136 205,12 TALK0,00000000 BTC
COXST-ETH0,00000021 ETH3 917,72 COXST0,00000001 BTC
ROBO-USD0,01600002 USD100,00 ROBO0,00000055 BTC
UIS-RUR0,08479521 RUR970,02 UIS0,00000005 BTC
KURT-RUR0,11000127 RUR732,09 KURT0,00000007 BTC
LATX-RUR0,18200006 RUR432,83 LATX0,00000011 BTC
BERN-RUR0,05100001 RUR1 531,84 BERN0,00000003 BTC
XHI-ETH0,00000001 ETH66 828,40 XHI0,00000000 BTC
TVT-RUR0,00000400 RUR19 263 957,01 TVT0,00000000 BTC
INXT-USD3,57263048 USD0,37 INXT0,00012175 BTC
VGR-ETH0,00000002 ETH32 340,90 VGR0,00000000 BTC
TALK-ETH0,00000001 ETH61 985,62 TALK0,00000000 BTC
AE-USD0,52564384 USD2,37 AE0,00001791 BTC
NEVA-RUR0,45000880 RUR152,49 NEVA0,00000027 BTC
CRM-RUR0,08680064 RUR784,30 CRM0,00000005 BTC
SIGT-WAVES0,00002533 WAVES7 702,21 SIGT0,00000000 BTC
KIN-RUR0,00130000 RUR46 953,03 KIN0,00000000 BTC
IMS-WAVES0,00022612 WAVES741,19 IMS0,00000004 BTC
ORLY-ETH0,00000010 ETH4 739,20 ORLY0,00000001 BTC
SMC-ETH0,00000231 ETH194,24 SMC0,00000016 BTC
DLT-RUR0,10076555 RUR490,87 DLT0,00000006 BTC
KIN-WAVES0,00000320 WAVES46 875,00 KIN0,00000000 BTC
LATX-WAVES0,00045000 WAVES332,83 LATX0,00000009 BTC
MCRN-ETH0,00000002 ETH21 262,23 MCRN0,00000000 BTC
AE-WAVES0,08764857 WAVES1,66 AE0,00001710 BTC
AZ-RUR0,00003760 RUR1 214 481,19 AZ0,00000000 BTC
CNB-ETH0,00000010 ETH3 958,42 CNB0,00000001 BTC
SIGT-RUR0,01005731 RUR4 448,53 SIGT0,00000001 BTC
IMS-USD0,00145545 USD518,11 IMS0,00000005 BTC
IMS-ETH0,00000069 ETH530,68 IMS0,00000005 BTC
NEVA-BTC0,00000021 BTC114,94 NEVA0,00000021 BTC
BITS-WAVES0,00166997 WAVES74,11 BITS0,00000033 BTC
ALL-RUR0,33470051 RUR115,39 ALL0,00000020 BTC
KMX-WAVES0,00000349 WAVES32 144,08 KMX0,00000000 BTC
LTC-YO0,08444183 YO0,01 LTC0,00247134 BTC
MNTP-RUR8,00020020 RUR5,00 MNTP0,00000419 BTC
MILO-RUR0,03114737 RUR1 081,13 MILO0,00000002 BTC
MND-RUR0,01850020 RUR1 746,50 MND0,00000001 BTC
BERN-ETH0,00000037 ETH729,26 BERN0,00000002 BTC
MILO-WAVES0,00007720 WAVES1 086,59 MILO0,00000002 BTC
STV-RUR0,20000923 RUR131,67 STV0,00000012 BTC
EBSP-RUR0,00140913 RUR17 571,83 EBSP0,00000000 BTC
USDT-YO0,00115833 YO0,42 USDT0,00003390 BTC
SWING-WAVES0,00450000 WAVES15,00 SWING0,00000088 BTC
BAT-RUR27,68838403 RUR0,78 BAT0,00001640 BTC
EBSP-WAVES0,00000363 WAVES17 571,83 EBSP0,00000000 BTC
WMC-RUR0,25677496 RUR77,14 WMC0,00000015 BTC
KIN-ETH0,00000001 ETH16 982,93 KIN0,00000000 BTC
SHRM-RUR5,88414091 RUR2,85 SHRM0,00000349 BTC
MILO-ETH0,00000023 ETH584,75 MILO0,00000002 BTC
CRM-WAVES0,00021515 WAVES204,96 CRM0,00000004 BTC
CNB-WAVES0,00003281 WAVES1 341,05 CNB0,00000001 BTC
SYNX-ETH0,00016283 ETH0,76 SYNX0,00001094 BTC
SWING-ETH0,00001350 ETH9,10 SWING0,00000091 BTC
NEVA-ETH0,00000325 ETH37,37 NEVA0,00000022 BTC
LATX-ETH0,00000117 ETH100,00 LATX0,00000008 BTC
WMC-ETH0,00000190 ETH57,13 WMC0,00000013 BTC
YAC-WAVES0,00019800 WAVES185,85 YAC0,00000004 BTC
RNTB-ETH0,00000002 ETH5 295,50 RNTB0,00000000 BTC
EOS-ETH0,00047755 ETH0,21 EOS0,00003220 BTC
TOKEN-RUR0,00001415 RUR768 582,45 TOKEN0,00000000 BTC
URC-RUR0,13020000 RUR82,60 URC0,00000008 BTC
ALL-WAVES0,00084093 WAVES37,57 ALL0,00000016 BTC
SPR-WAVES0,00010827 WAVES272,97 SPR0,00000002 BTC
ORLY-RUR0,01346531 RUR723,05 ORLY0,00000001 BTC
CNC-RUR0,01620026 RUR552,39 CNC0,00000001 BTC
URC-WAVES0,00032265 WAVES82,60 URC0,00000006 BTC
METAL-USD0,00447919 USD33,59 METAL0,00000015 BTC
EDRC-WAVES0,00120000 WAVES21,22 EDRC0,00000023 BTC
NLG-WAVES0,01491556 WAVES1,65 NLG0,00000291 BTC
NLG-WAVES0,01491556 WAVES1,65 NLG0,00000291 BTC
ORLY-WAVES0,00003363 WAVES677,05 ORLY0,00000001 BTC
CBX-RUR10,47907006 RUR0,71 CBX0,00000621 BTC
CNC-WAVES0,00003980 WAVES552,39 CNC0,00000001 BTC
STQ-RUR0,00033333 RUR19 933,46 STQ0,00000000 BTC
CBX-WAVES0,02630014 WAVES0,71 CBX0,00000513 BTC
WMC-WAVES0,00064924 WAVES28,01 WMC0,00000013 BTC
ROBO-WAVES0,00155000 WAVES11,48 ROBO0,00000030 BTC
TAJ-USD0,00067846 USD147,74 TAJ0,00000002 BTC
SWING-USD0,02700654 USD3,71 SWING0,00000092 BTC
IMS-RUR0,09684072 RUR55,88 IMS0,00000006 BTC
STQ-WAVES0,00000083 WAVES18 350,85 STQ0,00000000 BTC
GRE-RUR0,09066793 RUR50,25 GRE0,00000005 BTC
CPC-RUR3,18317296 RUR1,40 CPC0,00000189 BTC
ZENI-RUR0,00312740 RUR1 281,94 ZENI0,00000000 BTC
SWING-RUR1,80000001 RUR2,19 SWING0,00000107 BTC
BXT-RUR6,30052901 RUR0,62 BXT0,00000373 BTC
XBTS-RUR0,12174458 RUR31,80 XBTS0,00000007 BTC
ARB-WAVES0,00014797 WAVES77,35 ARB0,00000003 BTC
EPC-WAVES0,00000015 WAVES74 226,20 EPC0,00000000 BTC
CPC-WAVES0,00788990 WAVES1,40 CPC0,00000154 BTC
ZENI-WAVES0,00000780 WAVES1 281,94 ZENI0,00000000 BTC
FTM-WAVES0,07920082 WAVES0,13 FTM0,00001545 BTC
EPC-RUR0,00004414 RUR74 226,20 EPC0,00000000 BTC
BTCM-RUR0,12101019 RUR26,84 BTCM0,00000007 BTC
HMC-RUR0,00519486 RUR617,68 HMC0,00000000 BTC
BAT-BTC0,00001353 BTC0,14 BAT0,00001353 BTC
GRE-WAVES0,00022612 WAVES40,25 GRE0,00000004 BTC
BTCM-WAVES0,00030185 WAVES24,84 BTCM0,00000006 BTC
METAL-WAVES0,00072218 WAVES9,67 METAL0,00000014 BTC
LCC-RUR0,34540555 RUR6,48 LCC0,00000020 BTC
HMC-WAVES0,00001291 WAVES484,39 HMC0,00000000 BTC
XBTS-WAVES0,00029873 WAVES19,94 XBTS0,00000006 BTC
IFLT-RUR0,00009701 RUR19 549,54 IFLT0,00000000 BTC
SYNX-RUR22,10170499 RUR0,08 SYNX0,00001309 BTC
LCC-WAVES0,00085999 WAVES5,76 LCC0,00000017 BTC
IFLT-WAVES0,00000024 WAVES19 549,54 IFLT0,00000000 BTC
GENES-RUR0,00058300 RUR2 593,99 GENES0,00000000 BTC
KURT-WAVES0,00027318 WAVES16,62 KURT0,00000005 BTC
COXST-WAVES0,00007200 WAVES62,21 COXST0,00000001 BTC
SYNX-WAVES0,05547037 WAVES0,08 SYNX0,00001082 BTC
GENES-WAVES0,00000145 WAVES2 593,99 GENES0,00000000 BTC
BTCRED-RUR0,15165792 RUR7,56 BTCRED0,00000009 BTC
NETKO-RUR1,28875284 RUR0,93 NETKO0,00000070 BTC
GLC-RUR0,02020000 RUR49,61 GLC0,00000001 BTC
UNITS-RUR0,49600001 RUR2,00 UNITS0,00000029 BTC
TAJ-RUR0,04259677 RUR23,02 TAJ0,00000002 BTC
BTCA-RUR0,00239999 RUR376,26 BTCA0,00000000 BTC
BTCS-WAVES0,08000000 WAVES0,03 BTCS0,00001561 BTC
GLC-WAVES0,00005000 WAVES49,61 GLC0,00000001 BTC
UNITS-WAVES0,00122736 WAVES2,00 UNITS0,00000024 BTC
WTT-WAVES0,00499993 WAVES0,45 WTT0,00000098 BTC
BTCA-WAVES0,00000590 WAVES376,26 BTCA0,00000000 BTC
VPN-RUR0,05210460 RUR13,90 VPN0,00000003 BTC
VPN-WAVES0,00013082 WAVES13,90 VPN0,00000003 BTC
BTT-WAVES0,00024228 WAVES4,89 BTT0,00000005 BTC
RISE-WAVES0,00064000 WAVES1,65 RISE0,00000012 BTC
DGB-WAVES0,00184275 WAVES0,49 DGB0,00000036 BTC
DMT-RUR0,31891307 RUR0,94 DMT0,00000017 BTC
LBTCX-RUR0,01499997 RUR14,00 LBTCX0,00000001 BTC
KOBO-RUR0,89111112 RUR0,23 KOBO0,00000053 BTC
KOBO-WAVES0,00219000 WAVES0,23 KOBO0,00000043 BTC
DBTC-WAVES0,00010500 WAVES3,14 DBTC0,00000002 BTC
CNB-USD0,00015360 USD5,00 CNB0,00000001 BTC
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