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Quoine exchange is a Japanese Bitcoin and Ether exchange. It allows users to exchange BTC and ETH for multiple national currencies. Quoine currently offers 0% fees on all pairs except ETHBTC and margin trading with leverage starting at 2X and up to 25X. Quoine has other special features like futures trading, algo trading, and even lending to earn interest on your deposits.


Криптовалюты, Фитаные валюты


Trading fee for base currency pairs is zero.

Trading fee for non-base currency pairs:
BTC and BCH pairs: 0.25%
ETH pairs: 0.1%


Wire Transfer and Crypto Fiat withdrawal fee: USD: 5 USD SGD: 5 SGD EUR: 5 EUR AUD: 5 AUD JPY: QUOINEX fee: 500 JPY Local bank fee (applied only if recipient bank account is local): 716 JPY IDR: 1% of withdrawal amount, minimum 20,000 IDR INR: 325 INR Crypto withdrawal fee: zero until further notice


Wire Transfer: 0% Bitcoin: 0% Ether: 0%

Liquid (Quoine) (quoine) Japan Since 2014

WebSite Liquid (Quoine):  

Socianl and other links Liquid (Quoine) Liquid_Global    

Trade at Liquid (Quoine)

Market PairCostVolume, 24h.Cost in BTC
BTC-JPY1 227 352,00000000 JPY19 456,87 BTC1,00274100 BTC
ETH-JPY41 525,00000000 JPY12 975,59 ETH0,03392575 BTC
XRP-JPY29,70600000 JPY16 566 123,22 XRP0,00002427 BTC
BTC-USD11 468,95000000 USD378,29 BTC1,00245800 BTC
BTCV-BTC0,03840000 BTC4 064,64 BTCV0,03840000 BTC
ETH-USD385,19000000 USD4 572,20 ETH0,03370234 BTC
BTC-EUR9 687,84000000 EUR58,60 BTC1,00249200 BTC
BTC-USDC11 455,63000000 USDC47,25 BTC1,00323100 BTC
BTCV-USD444,15600000 USD759,70 BTCV0,03886159 BTC
CEL-BTC0,00003460 BTC662 676,00 CEL0,00003460 BTC
EWT-BTC0,00107039 BTC19 054,29 EWT0,00107039 BTC
BTC-USDT11 431,95000000 USDT17,68 BTC1,00002000 BTC
MTC-BTC0,00000320 BTC5 405 619,59 MTC0,00000320 BTC
XRP-USD0,27704000 USD607 992,52 XRP0,00002423 BTC
BTC-SGD15 928,07000000 SGD10,93 BTC1,00948700 BTC
ETH-BTC0,03383900 BTC321,52 ETH0,03383900 BTC
BTCV-USDT437,00000000 USDT268,22 BTCV0,03814140 BTC
CEL-USDC0,39800000 USDC282 196,94 CEL0,00003485 BTC
BCH-JPY29 729,00000000 JPY343,06 BCH0,02431598 BTC
BCH-USD280,35000000 USD326,10 BCH0,02451561 BTC
CEL-ETH0,00100400 ETH211 930,43 CEL0,00003401 BTC
ETH-USDC387,46000000 USDC207,43 ETH0,03386841 BTC
XPT-BTC0,00000104 BTC6 084 406,55 XPT0,00000104 BTC
KLAY-BTC0,00006358 BTC85 523,32 KLAY0,00006358 BTC
EWT-ETH0,03100000 ETH5 040,12 EWT0,00105617 BTC
QASH-JPY4,73200000 JPY1 105 768,44 QASH0,00000387 BTC
ETH-USDT385,00000000 USDT95,38 ETH0,03368565 BTC
BCH-BTC0,02440200 BTC127,77 BCH0,02440200 BTC
KLAY-USDT0,73160000 USDT42 054,20 KLAY0,00006437 BTC
WOM-BTC0,00001490 BTC168 706,16 WOM0,00001490 BTC
ETH-EUR331,22000000 EUR69,52 ETH0,03408339 BTC
CRPT-QASH7,20000000 QASH78 251,93 CRPT0,00002618 BTC
QASH-BTC0,00000386 BTC492 561,05 QASH0,00000386 BTC
CRPT-BTC0,00002638 BTC59 192,96 CRPT0,00002638 BTC
EWT-EUR9,85003000 EUR1 319,07 EWT0,00100823 BTC
ETH-HKD3 053,35500000 HKD37,36 ETH0,03382341 BTC
ROOBEE-BTC0,00000043 BTC2 954 390,37 ROOBEE0,00000043 BTC
CRPT-ETH0,00078144 ETH46 881,94 CRPT0,00002661 BTC
LCX-BTC0,00000215 BTC571 907,57 LCX0,00000215 BTC
KRL-BTC0,00001371 BTC78 914,02 KRL0,00001371 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00467800 BTC218,72 LTC0,00467800 BTC
ETH-SGD544,47808000 SGD28,60 ETH0,03437644 BTC
SGA-ETH0,00359880 ETH7 312,05 SGA0,00012225 BTC
ANCT-USD0,80000000 USD12 797,29 ANCT0,00007000 BTC
TRX-BTC0,00000181 BTC483 826,14 TRX0,00000181 BTC
BTC-IDRT171 520 000,00000000 IDRT0,85 BTC0,99856201 BTC
UBT-BTC0,00004053 BTC19 484,67 UBT0,00004053 BTC
HBAR-BTC0,00000439 BTC175 661,74 HBAR0,00000439 BTC
SGA-USD1,40372000 USD6 333,49 SGA0,00012205 BTC
1WO-BTC0,00000678 BTC112 401,30 1WO0,00000678 BTC
WOM-USDT0,16972000 USDT49 665,54 WOM0,00001478 BTC
RSV-EUR0,84000000 EUR7 880,00 RSV0,00008611 BTC
XRP-BTC0,00002421 BTC27 825,69 XRP0,00002421 BTC
LCX-ETH0,00006193 ETH271 261,18 LCX0,00000210 BTC
ETN-BTC0,00000045 BTC1 213 945,00 ETN0,00000045 BTC
RSV-USD1,00010000 USD5 876,46 RSV0,00008659 BTC
BCH-USDC283,80000000 USDC18,38 BCH0,02482855 BTC
BTC-ANCT14 207,00000000 ANCT0,44 BTC0,97381589 BTC
KRL-ETH0,00040211 ETH28 183,61 KRL0,00001376 BTC
TEM-BTC0,00001592 BTC20 000,00 TEM0,00001592 BTC
BCH-SGD389,43000000 SGD11,65 BCH0,02483646 BTC
RSR-BTC0,00000107 BTC249 761,88 RSR0,00000107 BTC
QASH-USD0,04403000 USD57 628,42 QASH0,00000385 BTC
BTC-HKD89 772,80000000 HKD0,22 BTC1,00708900 BTC
XRP-EUR0,23644000 EUR7 653,91 XRP0,00002435 BTC
TFT-BTC0,00000615 BTC29 117,60 TFT0,00000615 BTC
RSV-BTC0,00008800 BTC2 052,00 RSV0,00008800 BTC
MNR-BTC0,00000141 BTC115 082,52 MNR0,00000141 BTC
ARE-BTC1,05200000 BTC0,15 ARE1,05200000 BTC
XPT-USDT0,01240000 USDT144 531,27 XPT0,00000108 BTC
XRP-SGD0,38414000 SGD6 400,44 XRP0,00002425 BTC
RSR-USDT0,01218900 USDT119 186,52 RSR0,00000106 BTC
GET-BTC0,00002701 BTC4 486,16 GET0,00002701 BTC
SIX-BTC0,00000079 BTC150 326,93 SIX0,00000079 BTC
TFT-USDT0,07063000 USDT17 846,36 TFT0,00000615 BTC
MNR-USDT0,02240000 USDT54 928,99 MNR0,00000193 BTC
XEM-BTC0,00000487 BTC20 362,44 XEM0,00000487 BTC
MIOTA-USD0,37180000 USD2 838,64 MIOTA0,00003253 BTC
WABI-BTC0,00001345 BTC6 640,19 WABI0,00001345 BTC
HBAR-USD0,04830000 USD21 070,29 HBAR0,00000420 BTC
TPAY-BTC0,00000743 BTC11 886,48 TPAY0,00000743 BTC
MIOTA-BTC0,00003368 BTC1 844,72 MIOTA0,00003368 BTC
BTC-DAI11 437,60000000 DAI0,06 BTC1,00421500 BTC
LIKE-BTC0,00000060 BTC87 598,84 LIKE0,00000060 BTC
LCX-USDC0,02889000 USDC20 075,95 LCX0,00000250 BTC
WABI-USD0,15330000 USD2 787,91 WABI0,00001327 BTC
DREAM-BTC0,00000427 BTC8 120,00 DREAM0,00000427 BTC
XNK-BTC0,00000028 BTC113 018,73 XNK0,00000028 BTC
QASH-ETH0,00011960 ETH7 022,43 QASH0,00000409 BTC
NII-BTC0,00000002 BTC1 293 776,16 NII0,00000002 BTC
FLIXX-BTC0,00000192 BTC12 889,93 FLIXX0,00000192 BTC
LIKE-USDT0,00700000 USDT34 305,18 LIKE0,00000061 BTC
NII-ETH0,00000031 ETH1 640 518,00 NII0,00000001 BTC
QASH-EUR0,03730000 EUR3 972,06 QASH0,00000384 BTC
XRP-QASH6,30387810 QASH521,58 XRP0,00002554 BTC
DACS-BTC0,00000016 BTC74 695,66 DACS0,00000016 BTC
GOM2-BTC0,00000280 BTC4 000,00 GOM20,00000280 BTC
QASH-SGD0,06072000 SGD2 667,37 QASH0,00000385 BTC
BTC-AUD15 986,10000000 AUD0,01 BTC1,00265900 BTC
ETN-EUR0,00490000 EUR17 766,80 ETN0,00000051 BTC
ORBS-ETH0,00005395 ETH4 713,44 ORBS0,00000183 BTC
CIM-ETH0,00000800 ETH29 700,00 CIM0,00000027 BTC
PPP-BTC0,00000120 BTC6 096,00 PPP0,00000120 BTC
ETH-DAI385,60000000 DAI0,21 ETH0,03447472 BTC
CHI-BTC0,00000342 BTC1 968,00 CHI0,00000342 BTC
FCT-BTC0,00020698 BTC29,04 FCT0,00020698 BTC
ILK-BTC0,00000020 BTC27 766,15 ILK0,00000020 BTC
THRT-BTC0,00000025 BTC19 518,00 THRT0,00000025 BTC
FTX-BTC0,00000333 BTC1 463,35 FTX0,00000333 BTC
OMG-BTC0,00019800 BTC23,80 OMG0,00019800 BTC
ETN-QASH0,14325520 QASH6 205,16 ETN0,00000059 BTC
DASH-BTC0,00785030 BTC0,38 DASH0,00785030 BTC
KMD-QASH22,23360000 QASH33,30 KMD0,00009007 BTC
SGA-BTC0,00012476 BTC20,94 SGA0,00012476 BTC
BTRN-BTC0,00000005 BTC51 500,00 BTRN0,00000005 BTC
ILK-ETH0,00000586 ETH11 518,32 ILK0,00000020 BTC
THX-BTC0,00000312 BTC600,00 THX0,00000312 BTC
PPP-ETH0,00001420 ETH2 727,55 PPP0,00000048 BTC
QASH-AUD0,06204000 AUD333,74 QASH0,00000386 BTC
RIF-USD0,09980000 USD143,25 RIF0,00000864 BTC
COT-ETH0,00008750 ETH400,00 COT0,00000296 BTC
HOT-BTC0,00000003 BTC37 037,04 HOT0,00000003 BTC
HBAR-ETH0,00014500 ETH195,96 HBAR0,00000491 BTC
GOM2-USD0,04882000 USD200,00 GOM20,00000427 BTC
ETH-AUD528,86000000 AUD0,02 ETH0,03312584 BTC
FLIXX-ETH0,00005558 ETH326,26 FLIXX0,00000188 BTC
GET-ETH0,00122226 ETH14,00 GET0,00004140 BTC
BTC3S-USDT3 826,30000000 USDT0,00 BTC3S0,33683514 BTC
IDH-QASH0,14145586 QASH856,79 IDH0,00000057 BTC
QTUM-BTC0,00028920 BTC1,68 QTUM0,00028920 BTC
ETH3S-USDT1 427,60000000 USDT0,00 ETH3S0,12460106 BTC
FLEX-BTC0,00006620 BTC2,60 FLEX0,00006620 BTC
RFOX-ETH0,00000990 ETH236,40 RFOX0,00000034 BTC
RFOX-BTC0,00000032 BTC223,95 RFOX0,00000032 BTC
IDH-BTC0,00000035 BTC200,00 IDH0,00000035 BTC
LIKE-QASH0,13500000 QASH70,00 LIKE0,00000055 BTC
CAN-BTC0,00000351 BTC2,00 CAN0,00000351 BTC
ETN-ETH0,00001705 ETH8,00 ETN0,00000058 BTC
RIF-BTC0,00000808 BTC0,20 RIF0,00000808 BTC
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