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Created in 2017, Paribu is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Turkey. It supports fiat/crypto pairs and deposits/withdrawals with both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Users' digital assets are stored in physically secured offline wallets, in order to access the Exchange's fee schedule, please click here.
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Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Фитаные валюты


In order to access the Exchange's fee schedule, please visit


Cryptocurrencies, Fiat.


Cryptocurrencies, Fiat.

Paribu (paribu) Turkey Since

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Trade at Paribu

Market PairCostVolume, 24h.Cost in BTC
AVAX-TRY607,29000000 TRY983 875,20 AVAX0,00148301 BTC
ATOM-TRY331,99000000 TRY734 818,70 ATOM0,00081072 BTC
USDT-TRY8,66000000 TRY18 360 629,81 USDT0,00002115 BTC
BTC-TRY409 995,00000000 TRY360,27 BTC1,00121300 BTC
HOT-TRY0,08230000 TRY1 381 864 603,32 HOT0,00000020 BTC
DOGE-TRY2,02430000 TRY24 640 035,52 DOGE0,00000494 BTC
OMG-TRY81,43000000 TRY591 856,13 OMG0,00019885 BTC
BTT-TRY0,03326000 TRY1 367 643 789,05 BTT0,00000008 BTC
ADA-TRY20,16200000 TRY2 244 113,91 ADA0,00004924 BTC
EOS-TRY43,60000000 TRY973 577,56 EOS0,00010647 BTC
ACM-TRY89,11000000 TRY463 418,46 ACM0,00021761 BTC
DOT-TRY287,50000000 TRY131 685,18 DOT0,00070208 BTC
NEO-TRY419,80000000 TRY79 539,65 NEO0,00102516 BTC
ETH-TRY28 798,97000000 TRY1 099,49 ETH0,07032746 BTC
CHZ-TRY2,76560000 TRY10 839 161,59 CHZ0,00000675 BTC
PSG-TRY256,60000000 TRY110 010,02 PSG0,00062662 BTC
XTZ-TRY53,29000000 TRY504 038,63 XTZ0,00013013 BTC
TRX-TRY0,89010000 TRY25 719 218,04 TRX0,00000217 BTC
JUV-TRY107,90000000 TRY195 463,97 JUV0,00026349 BTC
CITY-TRY161,20000000 TRY115 467,96 CITY0,00039365 BTC
BAR-TRY160,90000000 TRY111 684,40 BAR0,00039292 BTC
WAVES-TRY241,30000000 TRY72 652,49 WAVES0,00058926 BTC
XRP-TRY9,15800000 TRY1 790 350,39 XRP0,00002236 BTC
CRV-TRY23,33000000 TRY584 049,25 CRV0,00005697 BTC
FB-TRY68,17000000 TRY190 385,09 FB0,00016647 BTC
ATM-TRY133,10000000 TRY92 825,09 ATM0,00032503 BTC
GAL-TRY79,25000000 TRY148 556,52 GAL0,00019353 BTC
ASR-TRY71,25000000 TRY143 789,89 ASR0,00017399 BTC
MATIC-TRY11,50000000 TRY853 810,26 MATIC0,00002808 BTC
RVN-TRY0,95890000 TRY8 857 867,11 RVN0,00000234 BTC
ONT-TRY8,45000000 TRY935 086,25 ONT0,00002064 BTC
LINK-TRY240,50000000 TRY28 945,23 LINK0,00058730 BTC
BAL-TRY215,23000000 TRY25 608,07 BAL0,00052559 BTC
MKR-TRY24 000,10000000 TRY217,21 MKR0,05860855 BTC
XLM-TRY2,73700000 TRY1 534 544,90 XLM0,00000668 BTC
TRA-TRY32,66000000 TRY114 676,76 TRA0,00007976 BTC
AAVE-TRY2 960,00000000 TRY1 079,42 AAVE0,00722836 BTC
LTC-TRY1 534,99000000 TRY1 974,25 LTC0,00374847 BTC
BAT-TRY6,33000000 TRY448 186,48 BAT0,00001546 BTC
ZIL-TRY0,90630000 TRY3 110 811,00 ZIL0,00000221 BTC
AVAX-USDT70,00000000 USDT4 547,25 AVAX0,00148130 BTC
UNI-TRY204,00000000 TRY11 582,13 UNI0,00049817 BTC
BCH-TRY5 301,00000000 TRY351,85 BCH0,01294511 BTC
THETA-TRY53,50000000 TRY33 173,94 THETA0,00013065 BTC
ETH-USDT3 315,00000000 USDT46,89 ETH0,07014994 BTC
ADA-USDT2,33000000 USDT47 786,37 ADA0,00004931 BTC
BTC-USDT47 100,20000000 USDT1,32 BTC0,99670475 BTC
LINK-USDT27,70000000 USDT1 977,21 LINK0,00058617 BTC
XRP-USDT1,05480000 USDT46 240,22 XRP0,00002232 BTC
WAVES-USDT27,90000000 USDT661,08 WAVES0,00059040 BTC
XLM-USDT0,31650000 USDT38 522,43 XLM0,00000670 BTC
MKR-USDT2 790,00000000 USDT2,30 MKR0,05904022 BTC
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