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Based in the Republic of Seychelles, Bilaxy is a Crypto Asset Trading Platform. It provides users with trading services for cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. It charges a 0 fee for deposits.All trades are charged 0.2%, This is calculated by taking the (amount * purchase price * .002). Any portion of an order that has not to execute, will be refunded fully upon the cancellation of the order.
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Криптовалюты, Стэйблкоины, Токены



All trades are charged 0.2%, This is calculated by taking the (amount * purchase price * .002).
Any portion of an order that has not to execute, will be refunded fully upon the cancellation of the order.

Minimum Trade Amount:
ETH trading pair: minimum order size is 0.01ETH or 0.01 ETH equivalent.
USDT trading pair: minimum order size is 10USDT or 10USDT equivalent.
BTC trading pair: minimum order size is 0.0003BTC or equivalent.

Withdrawal fees are regularly adjusted according to blockchain conditions.
You could also check the withdrawal fee or Minimum Withdrawal on the withdrawal page of the exact token/coin.

For more detailed information regarding fees, please visit the following link:





Bilaxy (bilaxy) Republic of Seychelles Since

WebSite Bilaxy:  

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Trade at Bilaxy

Market PairCostVolume, 24h.Cost in BTC
BTC-USDT29 825,16000000 USDT68,77 BTC1,00163700 BTC
ETH-USDT1 985,33000000 USDT289,04 ETH0,06667455 BTC
INO-USDT1,99899983 USDT24 900,00 INO0,00006713 BTC
BAFI-BNB0,00711300 BNB17 134,19 BAFI0,00007921 BTC
QKC-ETH0,00000700 ETH2 210 820,00 QKC0,00000047 BTC
LOOM-ETH0,00002723 ETH556 490,00 LOOM0,00000181 BTC
ETHIX-ETH0,00013061 ETH113 437,00 ETHIX0,00000869 BTC
IOTX-ETH0,00002426 ETH527 038,00 IOTX0,00000161 BTC
MCP-ETH0,01000000 ETH1 160,00 MCP0,00066550 BTC
SHIELD-BNB0,00378000 BNB15 349,97 SHIELD0,00004209 BTC
YFBTC-ETH0,00582600 ETH1 474,16 YFBTC0,00038772 BTC
HGET-USDT2,76400000 USDT5 584,05 HGET0,00009266 BTC
BTC-USDC29 772,00000000 USDC0,51 BTC1,00078900 BTC
KEY-USDT0,00516900 USDT2 850 721,00 KEY0,00000017 BTC
GEEQ-USDT1,00136000 USDT14 563,00 GEEQ0,00003364 BTC
ZDEX-ETH0,00003290 ETH222 809,70 ZDEX0,00000219 BTC
TRB-USDT12,62000000 USDT1 128,42 TRB0,00042398 BTC
SKL-USDT0,10940000 USDT127 509,00 SKL0,00000367 BTC
ALPHA-USDT0,21152000 USDT64 919,40 ALPHA0,00000710 BTC
ETH-USDC2 068,42000000 USDC6,56 ETH0,06953013 BTC
AAVE-USDT103,10000000 USDT131,61 AAVE0,00346247 BTC
SLP-USDT0,01400000 USDT964 739,00 SLP0,00000047 BTC
BADGER-USDT5,84000000 USDT2 308,26 BADGER0,00019613 BTC
ZRX-USDT0,80010000 USDT16 760,77 ZRX0,00002687 BTC
XBE-ETH0,09431800 ETH70,09 XBE0,00627686 BTC
UNI-USDT6,07000000 USDT2 141,71 UNI0,00020393 BTC
SNX-USDT3,30600000 USDT3 715,60 SNX0,00011103 BTC
YFII-USDT1 132,90000000 USDT10,23 YFII0,03804687 BTC
MKR-USDT1 126,40000000 USDT10,00 MKR0,03784220 BTC
REN-USDT0,21600000 USDT50 462,00 REN0,00000724 BTC
COPS-ETH0,12106000 ETH45,01 COPS0,00805654 BTC
NMR-USDT15,85500000 USDT680,51 NMR0,00053247 BTC
CVC-USDT0,19040000 USDT56 073,00 CVC0,00000639 BTC
DX-USDT0,00044484 USDT23 695 659,00 DX0,00000001 BTC
BEL-USDT0,49100000 USDT21 373,10 BEL0,00001649 BTC
WRX-USDT0,36800000 USDT28 457,70 WRX0,00001236 BTC
BAT-USDT0,45760000 USDT22 356,78 BAT0,00001537 BTC
COS-USDT0,00946000 USDT1 040 731,00 COS0,00000032 BTC
CRV-USDT1,95600000 USDT4 960,20 CRV0,00006569 BTC
ENJ-USDT0,79700000 USDT12 164,20 ENJ0,00002677 BTC
KP3R-USDT221,65000000 USDT43,67 KP3R0,00744381 BTC
MTL-USDT1,36900000 USDT7 025,80 MTL0,00004598 BTC
INJ-USDT3,31700000 USDT2 809,90 INJ0,00011140 BTC
YFI-USDT13 300,53000000 USDT0,68 YFI0,44667981 BTC
LCX-ETH0,00003416 ETH115 851,00 LCX0,00000227 BTC
LGCY-ETH0,00000025 ETH13 940 144,00 LGCY0,00000002 BTC
TEL-ETH0,00000295 ETH1 020 659,00 TEL0,00000020 BTC
COMP-USDT81,30000000 USDT65,76 COMP0,00273035 BTC
MEME-ETH0,00000066 ETH3 799 109,00 MEME0,00000004 BTC
SOS-ETH0,00000000 ETH5 051 429 437,00 SOS0,00000000 BTC
ZXC-ETH0,00000032 ETH7 130 401,50 ZXC0,00000002 BTC
BNB-BTC0,00987700 BTC14,94 BNB0,00987700 BTC
WBTC-BTC0,99960000 BTC0,14 WBTC0,99960000 BTC
TOTM-ETH0,00003850 ETH51 411,70 TOTM0,00000256 BTC
DANK-ETH0,00000040 ETH4 880 121,80 DANK0,00000003 BTC
NOKU-USDT0,48000000 USDT8 020,39 NOKU0,00001612 BTC
OCC-ETH0,00025014 ETH7 428,00 OCC0,00001665 BTC
MGH-ETH0,00000354 ETH513 864,00 MGH0,00000024 BTC
DOTX-ETH0,00002510 ETH69 623,20 DOTX0,00000167 BTC
DOKI-ETH0,00840000 ETH206,64 DOKI0,00055902 BTC
DCTD-ETH0,00000710 ETH241 089,60 DCTD0,00000047 BTC
WOZX-ETH0,00008100 ETH20 839,70 WOZX0,00000539 BTC
BKING-ETH0,00000000 ETH27 748 483 506 004,00 BKING0,00000000 BTC
RAZE-ETH0,00001120 ETH147 295,70 RAZE0,00000075 BTC
BT-ETH0,00019021 ETH8 451,00 BT0,00001266 BTC
2KEY-ETH0,00000136 ETH1 150 522,00 2KEY0,00000009 BTC
RFUEL-ETH0,00000810 ETH193 229,00 RFUEL0,00000054 BTC
STND-ETH0,00006230 ETH25 069,10 STND0,00000415 BTC
BITT-ETH0,00002650 ETH58 752,80 BITT0,00000176 BTC
TKN-ETH0,00006000 ETH25 854,90 TKN0,00000399 BTC
WHALE-ETH0,00147300 ETH1 049,35 WHALE0,00009803 BTC
PPBLZ-ETH0,00963800 ETH160,02 PPBLZ0,00064141 BTC
LSS-ETH0,00023020 ETH6 676,90 LSS0,00001532 BTC
EDN-USDT0,00200000 USDT1 523 930,00 EDN0,00000007 BTC
DUCK2-ETH0,00002349 ETH65 305,00 DUCK20,00000156 BTC
COIN2-ETH0,00004213 ETH36 260,00 COIN20,00000280 BTC
LON-ETH0,00040370 ETH3 748,90 LON0,00002686 BTC
CRWNY-ETH0,00000242 ETH620 158,00 CRWNY0,00000016 BTC
PHNX-ETH0,00000594 ETH248 463,04 PHNX0,00000040 BTC
TRADE-ETH0,00002400 ETH61 254,79 TRADE0,00000160 BTC
BNSD-ETH0,00000125 ETH1 173 469,00 BNSD0,00000008 BTC
KP4R-ETH0,00161000 ETH907,23 KP4R0,00010715 BTC
CRBN-ETH0,00001500 ETH95 981,00 CRBN0,00000100 BTC
PTF-ETH0,00003950 ETH36 386,30 PTF0,00000263 BTC
GGTK-ETH0,00005960 ETH24 108,50 GGTK0,00000397 BTC
XIOT-ETH0,02460000 ETH58,29 XIOT0,00163713 BTC
DDIM-ETH0,00128400 ETH1 114,46 DDIM0,00008545 BTC
REVV-ETH0,00002095 ETH68 288,00 REVV0,00000139 BTC
YFIM-ETH0,00256000 ETH558,38 YFIM0,00017037 BTC
DVI-ETH0,00025922 ETH5 500,00 DVI0,00001725 BTC
LEAD-ETH0,00000039 ETH3 631 853,00 LEAD0,00000003 BTC
RELI-ETH0,00000250 ETH569 241,00 RELI0,00000017 BTC
ZEFU-ETH0,00000824 ETH172 697,00 ZEFU0,00000055 BTC
KIRO-ETH0,00002693 ETH52 838,00 KIRO0,00000179 BTC
WANATHA-ETH0,00002536 ETH55 961,00 WANATHA0,00000169 BTC
MITX-ETH0,00000701 ETH202 335,00 MITX0,00000047 BTC
LKR-ETH0,00001840 ETH76 661,50 LKR0,00000122 BTC
ITS-ETH0,00479300 ETH293,91 ITS0,00031897 BTC
KTLYO-ETH0,00001975 ETH71 245,00 KTLYO0,00000131 BTC
BSE-ETH0,00041110 ETH3 404,30 BSE0,00002736 BTC
POOL-ETH0,00053900 ETH2 587,18 POOL0,00003587 BTC
DOBE-ETH0,00000000 ETH3 893 499 190 701,00 DOBE0,00000000 BTC
BITTO-ETH0,00002025 ETH68 730,00 BITTO0,00000135 BTC
NIIFI-ETH0,00000431 ETH323 580,00 NIIFI0,00000029 BTC
CTASK-ETH0,00006270 ETH22 189,30 CTASK0,00000417 BTC
PYLON-ETH0,01030000 ETH134,59 PYLON0,00068547 BTC
DEFO-ETH0,01755000 ETH78,91 DEFO0,00116795 BTC
ASKO-ETH0,00000296 ETH466 927,00 ASKO0,00000020 BTC
AXIAV3-ETH0,00009810 ETH14 074,70 AXIAV30,00000653 BTC
DGVC-ETH0,00007180 ETH19 228,30 DGVC0,00000478 BTC
GET2-ETH0,00068600 ETH2 014,90 GET20,00004565 BTC
ATD-ETH0,00017300 ETH7 957,81 ATD0,00001151 BTC
DRC-ETH0,00001344 ETH102 273,00 DRC0,00000089 BTC
KOMET-ETH0,00804000 ETH170,78 KOMET0,00053490 BTC
SMARTCREDI-ETH0,00078220 ETH1 749,80 SMARTCREDI0,00005206 BTC
MAHA-ETH0,00097860 ETH1 395,60 MAHA0,00006513 BTC
APYS-ETH0,00001880 ETH72 429,10 APYS0,00000125 BTC
EGR-BNB0,00001210 BNB670 993,10 EGR0,00000013 BTC
XFI-ETH0,02688000 ETH50,44 XFI0,00178886 BTC
MEL-ETH0,00000290 ETH466 529,80 MEL0,00000019 BTC
SYNC-ETH0,00000607 ETH222 300,00 SYNC0,00000040 BTC
LAYER-ETH0,00004210 ETH32 025,00 LAYER0,00000280 BTC
KIMCHI-ETH0,00000002 ETH72 380 399,00 KIMCHI0,00000000 BTC
TAP-ETH0,00000630 ETH213 303,20 TAP0,00000042 BTC
ROCKI-ETH0,00003109 ETH42 903,00 ROCKI0,00000207 BTC
RFI-ETH0,00000840 ETH158 429,70 RFI0,00000056 BTC
BNS-ETH0,00003744 ETH35 538,00 BNS0,00000249 BTC
ROYA-ETH0,00000467 ETH285 438,00 ROYA0,00000031 BTC
SURF-ETH0,00004720 ETH27 985,10 SURF0,00000314 BTC
FNSP-ETH0,00003658 ETH36 052,00 FNSP0,00000243 BTC
DEPAY-ETH0,00011230 ETH11 706,90 DEPAY0,00000747 BTC
CHOW-ETH0,00000062 ETH2 108 478,00 CHOW0,00000004 BTC
REVO-ETH0,00007970 ETH16 351,60 REVO0,00000530 BTC
TRONPAD-BNB0,00007640 BNB101 582,10 TRONPAD0,00000085 BTC
GOAT-BNB0,40000000 BNB19,34 GOAT0,00445440 BTC
YFTE-ETH0,00456400 ETH283,63 YFTE0,00030378 BTC
YTSLA-ETH0,00150000 ETH860,21 YTSLA0,00009983 BTC
MOD-ETH0,00016900 ETH7 638,65 MOD0,00001125 BTC
SWFL-ETH0,00002660 ETH48 250,80 SWFL0,00000177 BTC
SVX-ETH0,00066000 ETH1 940,14 SVX0,00004392 BTC
BCUG-ETH0,00008000 ETH15 971,26 BCUG0,00000532 BTC
DEXM-ETH0,00000245 ETH517 340,00 DEXM0,00000016 BTC
DIS-ETH0,00220000 ETH574,60 DIS0,00014641 BTC
YELD-ETH0,00104000 ETH1 215,45 YELD0,00006921 BTC
TRND-ETH0,00067900 ETH1 859,52 TRND0,00004517 BTC
HID-ETH0,00001250 ETH100 212,60 HID0,00000083 BTC
TONE-ETH0,00000565 ETH219 113,00 TONE0,00000038 BTC
BNF-ETH0,00000041 ETH2 980 363,00 BNF0,00000003 BTC
SHR-ETH0,00000180 ETH678 763,00 SHR0,00000012 BTC
EBOX-ETH0,00000490 ETH249 195,20 EBOX0,00000033 BTC
EPAN-ETH0,00000964 ETH126 426,00 EPAN0,00000064 BTC
FOXX-ETH0,00000000 ETH17 645 583 926,00 FOXX0,00000000 BTC
BPP-ETH0,00000268 ETH447 561,00 BPP0,00000018 BTC
INDEX-ETH0,00211900 ETH565,51 INDEX0,00014102 BTC
DEP-ETH0,00000544 ETH220 177,00 DEP0,00000036 BTC
BSCCROP-BNB0,00000111 BNB6 408 034,00 BSCCROP0,00000001 BTC
KIF-ETH0,00437000 ETH270,23 KIF0,00029082 BTC
DONUT-ETH0,00000060 ETH1 953 968,00 DONUT0,00000004 BTC
COSHI-ETH0,00000000 ETH2 052 031 742 158,00 COSHI0,00000000 BTC
BART-ETH0,00000110 ETH1 060 411,00 BART0,00000007 BTC
MOONDAY-ETH0,02390000 ETH48,32 MOONDAY0,00159055 BTC
DRC2-ETH0,00000013 ETH8 750 254,00 DRC20,00000001 BTC
ZCN-ETH0,00012956 ETH8 818,70 ZCN0,00000862 BTC
TKINU-ETH0,00000000 ETH2 719 915 005 387,00 TKINU0,00000000 BTC
LOTTO-ETH0,00000200 ETH569 427,80 LOTTO0,00000013 BTC
MPH-ETH0,00297540 ETH382,40 MPH0,00019801 BTC
BMI-ETH0,00001800 ETH62 366,88 BMI0,00000120 BTC
DAO1-USDT0,03600000 USDT58 588,85 DAO10,00000121 BTC
ARCONA-ETH0,00006070 ETH17 492,50 ARCONA0,00000404 BTC
CLIQ-ETH0,00000154 ETH688 867,00 CLIQ0,00000010 BTC
EGLD-USDT88,96000000 USDT23,47 EGLD0,00298760 BTC
FREL-ETH0,00000087 ETH1 216 613,00 FREL0,00000006 BTC
TANGO-ETH0,00000900 ETH115 610,69 TANGO0,00000060 BTC
MCHC-ETH0,00002570 ETH40 396,00 MCHC0,00000171 BTC
MOMA-ETH0,00000310 ETH306 047,60 MOMA0,00000021 BTC
FONT-ETH0,00007000 ETH13 167,53 FONT0,00000466 BTC
DFND-ETH0,00000031 ETH2 730 868,00 DFND0,00000002 BTC
SAND-USDT1,40000000 USDT1 188,00 SAND0,00004703 BTC
LEVL-USDT0,08024800 USDT20 189,55 LEVL0,00000270 BTC
FRAX-USDC0,97230000 USDC1 618,68 FRAX0,00003268 BTC
MYFARMPET-BUSD0,68740000 BUSD2 262,45 MYFARMPET0,00002313 BTC
FORTH-USDT6,37800000 USDT243,39 FORTH0,00021420 BTC
MTLX-USDT0,57230000 USDT2 644,88 MTLX0,00001923 BTC
WAIF-ETH0,00000037 ETH2 049 075,00 WAIF0,00000002 BTC
BRAWL-BNB0,00000245 BNB1 803 233,00 BRAWL0,00000003 BTC
SNOW-ETH0,00049800 ETH1 446,81 SNOW0,00003314 BTC
KTON-USDT21,96000000 USDT64,99 KTON0,00073750 BTC
GOF-ETH0,00006300 ETH11 199,74 GOF0,00000419 BTC
TROY-USDT0,00490900 USDT275 408,00 TROY0,00000016 BTC
DEV-ETH0,00024000 ETH2 833,48 DEV0,00001597 BTC
PHTR-USDC0,07524000 USDC17 127,03 PHTR0,00000253 BTC
XVS-USDT5,17000000 USDT243,92 XVS0,00017363 BTC
MARS-USDT0,00170000 USDT739 609,93 MARS0,00000006 BTC
DDX-USDC1,60060000 USDC739,50 DDX0,00005380 BTC
CNT-ETH0,00000270 ETH214 752,50 CNT0,00000018 BTC
WGC-BNB0,00139600 BNB2 220,75 WGC0,00001555 BTC
OM-USDT0,06871000 USDT14 707,30 OM0,00000231 BTC
XOR-ETH0,01309000 ETH35,17 XOR0,00087114 BTC
COLL-ETH0,00000900 ETH51 112,76 COLL0,00000060 BTC
BMARS-BNB0,00001250 BNB212 560,00 BMARS0,00000014 BTC
FTM-USDT0,48880000 USDT1 779,00 FTM0,00001642 BTC
VAB-ETH0,00000134 ETH327 016,00 VAB0,00000009 BTC
EQZ-ETH0,00002600 ETH16 697,63 EQZ0,00000173 BTC
MTRG-USDT2,50920000 USDT321,86 MTRG0,00008430 BTC
AIDI-ETH0,00000000 ETH46 692 599 067 597,00 AIDI0,00000000 BTC
SANSHU-ETH0,00000000 ETH16 055 075 653 231,00 SANSHU0,00000000 BTC
BUSD-USDT1,00030000 USDT629,00 BUSD0,00003359 BTC
SS-USDT0,00040000 USDT1 373 150,00 SS0,00000001 BTC
HAPI-ETH0,00501000 ETH53,43 HAPI0,00033342 BTC
LIEN-ETH0,00022000 ETH1 200,85 LIEN0,00001464 BTC
1TRC-USDT0,09500000 USDT5 000,00 1TRC0,00000319 BTC
GHST-USDT1,62000000 USDT289,10 GHST0,00005441 BTC
SAITAMA-ETH0,00000000 ETH145 786 479 276,00 SAITAMA0,00000000 BTC
ELON-ETH0,00000000 ETH1 035 358 276,00 ELON0,00000000 BTC
OVR-ETH0,00045750 ETH454,20 OVR0,00003045 BTC
VAL-ETH0,00006400 ETH2 848,87 VAL0,00000426 BTC
HEX-ETH0,00004350 ETH3 224,00 HEX0,00000289 BTC
SI-ETH0,00005000 ETH2 486,91 SI0,00000333 BTC
SRM-USDT1,33500000 USDT169,90 SRM0,00004485 BTC
SHIB-USDT0,00001232 USDT17 628 873,00 SHIB0,00000000 BTC
SXP-USDT0,47100000 USDT433,60 SXP0,00001582 BTC
NIF-USDT15,40800000 USDT12,96 NIF0,00051746 BTC
ONE-USDT0,04520000 USDT3 987,50 ONE0,00000152 BTC
LTC-USDT68,80000000 USDT2,52 LTC0,00231055 BTC
PRVS-ETH0,00002600 ETH3 195,43 PRVS0,00000173 BTC
BLKC-USDT0,21709000 USDT751,34 BLKC0,00000729 BTC
BVA-USDT0,01587000 USDT9 755,52 BVA0,00000053 BTC
VOX-ETH0,00110000 ETH70,86 VOX0,00007321 BTC
BRD-ETH0,00007335 ETH1 005,00 BRD0,00000488 BTC
PFI-USDT8,91840000 USDT15,74 PFI0,00029951 BTC
PAC-USDT0,00100600 USDT98 766,80 PAC0,00000003 BTC
UNN-ETH0,00000021 ETH215 622,00 UNN0,00000001 BTC
OGN-USDT0,17370000 USDT506,16 OGN0,00000583 BTC
XIO-ETH0,00002110 ETH2 000,00 XIO0,00000140 BTC
EXRD-USDC0,07990000 USDC1 026,81 EXRD0,00000269 BTC
BNB-USDT327,90000000 USDT0,24 BNB0,01101207 BTC
SUSHI-USDT1,28300000 USDT56,60 SUSHI0,00004309 BTC
ALBT-ETH0,00004277 ETH846,00 ALBT0,00000285 BTC
HOT-USDT0,00297400 USDT21 247,00 HOT0,00000010 BTC
ZPAE-USDT0,00024516 USDT256 989,00 ZPAE0,00000001 BTC
KISHU-ETH0,00000000 ETH111 954 922 519,00 KISHU0,00000000 BTC
TRU2-ETH0,00008064 ETH386,00 TRU20,00000536 BTC
IOV-USDT0,02996000 USDT2 038,00 IOV0,00000101 BTC
POOCOIN-BNB0,00090300 BNB203,29 POOCOIN0,00001006 BTC
XED-ETH0,00004410 ETH679,00 XED0,00000293 BTC
UMA-USDT3,30000000 USDT16,90 UMA0,00011063 BTC
FSW-ETH0,00000990 ETH2 589,70 FSW0,00000066 BTC
BIRD-ETH0,01023000 ETH2,25 BIRD0,00068081 BTC
BAND-USDT1,40400000 USDT31,10 BAND0,00004715 BTC
USDC-USDT1,00000000 USDT39,47 USDC0,00003358 BTC
AMP-ETH0,00000741 ETH2 611,00 AMP0,00000049 BTC
FOXD-USDT0,00000707 USDT5 180 185,00 FOXD0,00000000 BTC
BIA-USDT0,00238000 USDT14 883,00 BIA0,00000008 BTC
OMC-USDT0,00031000 USDT114 363,04 OMC0,00000001 BTC
R1-USDT0,00486010 USDT5 787,90 R10,00000016 BTC
ARES-ETH0,00000539 ETH2 601,00 ARES0,00000036 BTC
ODDZ-ETH0,00002500 ETH516,33 ODDZ0,00000166 BTC
KUMA-ETH0,00000000 ETH1 556 147 772,00 KUMA0,00000000 BTC
8PAY-ETH0,00001300 ETH677,50 8PAY0,00000087 BTC
QNT-ETH0,03517100 ETH0,25 QNT0,00234098 BTC
MTA-ETH0,00012700 ETH69,20 MTA0,00000845 BTC
FAR-USDT0,00910000 USDT1 654,00 FAR0,00000031 BTC
PRCH-USDT0,00056000 USDT22 500,00 PRCH0,00000002 BTC
RARI-ETH0,00225600 ETH2,46 RARI0,00015014 BTC
ETHV-ETH0,00013900 ETH39,92 ETHV0,00000925 BTC
N0031-USDT0,01710000 USDT594,93 N00310,00000057 BTC
SKEY-ETH0,00001350 ETH339,00 SKEY0,00000090 BTC
ZEE-ETH0,00001872 ETH244,00 ZEE0,00000125 BTC
PICKLE-ETH0,00096500 ETH4,66 PICKLE0,00006422 BTC
EQX-ETH0,00002020 ETH220,00 EQX0,00000134 BTC
PENDLE-ETH0,00002190 ETH198,20 PENDLE0,00000146 BTC
TOWER-ETH0,00000282 ETH1 468,00 TOWER0,00000019 BTC
REDPANDA-USDT0,00000000 USDT8 135 009 827 335,00 REDPANDA0,00000000 BTC
SMG-USDT0,00031000 USDT24 761,90 SMG0,00000001 BTC
SPICE-USDC0,15820000 USDC46,99 SPICE0,00000532 BTC
WNXM-ETH0,00900132 ETH0,38 WNXM0,00059904 BTC
CVP-ETH0,00019700 ETH17,34 CVP0,00001311 BTC
SWAG-USDC0,01017800 USDC623,53 SWAG0,00000034 BTC
PBR-ETH0,00004146 ETH77,00 PBR0,00000276 BTC
FOAM-ETH0,00000930 ETH333,70 FOAM0,00000062 BTC
YFDAI-ETH0,03100000 ETH0,10 YFDAI0,00206305 BTC
NBU-ETH0,00000450 ETH681,30 NBU0,00000030 BTC
DPET-BNB0,00106500 BNB16,56 DPET0,00001186 BTC
URQA-ETH0,00001630 ETH176,10 URQA0,00000108 BTC
SURE-ETH0,00000255 ETH1 060,00 SURE0,00000017 BTC
OPCT-ETH0,00002900 ETH92,30 OPCT0,00000193 BTC
ZCX-ETH0,00036940 ETH6,90 ZCX0,00002458 BTC
YFFS-USDT100,00000000 USDT0,05 YFFS0,00335836 BTC
FXF-ETH0,00000640 ETH389,40 FXF0,00000043 BTC
NIOX-ETH0,00000266 ETH889,00 NIOX0,00000018 BTC
LOOKS-ETH0,00029533 ETH8,00 LOOKS0,00001965 BTC
ORAO-ETH0,00000251 ETH923,00 ORAO0,00000017 BTC
NSURE-ETH0,00001350 ETH171,00 NSURE0,00000090 BTC
APRIL-BNB0,00042400 BNB32,43 APRIL0,00000472 BTC
GAME-ETH0,00000910 ETH251,20 GAME0,00000061 BTC
LPT-ETH0,00564440 ETH0,40 LPT0,00037569 BTC
MP3-ETH0,00000329 ETH681,00 MP30,00000022 BTC
NAOS-ETH0,00002760 ETH80,50 NAOS0,00000184 BTC
PNK-ETH0,00001684 ETH131,00 PNK0,00000112 BTC
CEL-ETH0,00034560 ETH6,30 CEL0,00002300 BTC
VRA-ETH0,00000475 ETH453,00 VRA0,00000032 BTC
PERP-ETH0,00069690 ETH3,00 PERP0,00004639 BTC
PRQ-ETH0,00007270 ETH27,54 PRQ0,00000484 BTC
DPI-ETH0,04153000 ETH0,05 DPI0,00276382 BTC
OIN-ETH0,00003691 ETH52,00 OIN0,00000246 BTC
PROS-USDC0,16153000 USDC22,87 PROS0,00000543 BTC
FXT-USDT0,00002260 USDT161 153,14 FXT0,00000000 BTC
ANI-BNB0,00000370 BNB2 938,10 ANI0,00000004 BTC
PBTC35A-USDT40,75220000 USDT0,06 PBTC35A0,00136861 BTC
NOIA-ETH0,00003808 ETH29,00 NOIA0,00000253 BTC
YFOX-ETH0,00450000 ETH0,24 YFOX0,00029948 BTC
LIME-ETH0,00002028 ETH52,00 LIME0,00000135 BTC
FAST-BNB0,00001325 BNB377,00 FAST0,00000015 BTC
MCRT-BNB0,00001286 BNB355,00 MCRT0,00000014 BTC
PLUT-BNB0,00003100 BNB145,20 PLUT0,00000035 BTC
PWAR-BNB0,00008700 BNB50,28 PWAR0,00000097 BTC
BDX-USDT0,08259000 USDT8,63 BDX0,00000277 BTC
DOA-USDT0,11000000 USDT0,28 DOA0,00000369 BTC
SOL-USDT0,00000000 USDT6,13 SOL0,00000000 BTC
POND-USDC0,00000000 USDC0,45 POND0,00000000 BTC
ROOK-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,06 ROOK0,00000000 BTC
ETH-BTC0,00000000 BTC0,04 ETH0,00000000 BTC
MOOV-BNB0,00000000 BNB144,00 MOOV0,00000000 BTC
USDT-DAI0,00000000 DAI15,00 USDT0,00000000 BTC
DOT-USDT0,00000000 USDT1,48 DOT0,00000000 BTC
MANA-USDT0,00000000 USDT342,00 MANA0,00000000 BTC
RUNE-USDT0,00000000 USDT1 150,00 RUNE0,00000000 BTC
AXS-USDT0,00000000 USDT4,26 AXS0,00000000 BTC
BNB-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,82 BNB0,00000000 BTC
ATOM-USDT0,00000000 USDT5,48 ATOM0,00000000 BTC
OMG-USDT0,00000000 USDT171,80 OMG0,00000000 BTC
EOS-USDT0,00000000 USDT20,00 EOS0,00000000 BTC
STARL-ETH0,00000000 ETH448 859,00 STARL0,00000000 BTC
WOO-USDT0,00000000 USDT87,48 WOO0,00000000 BTC
CHZ-USDT0,00000000 USDT249,00 CHZ0,00000000 BTC
HNT-USDT0,00000000 USDT1,40 HNT0,00000000 BTC
KLEE-ETH0,00000000 ETH785 247 795 134,00 KLEE0,00000000 BTC
TWT-USDT0,00000000 USDT3,34 TWT0,00000000 BTC
GRT-USDT0,00000000 USDT272,20 GRT0,00000000 BTC
TKING-ETH0,00000000 ETH919 522,00 TKING0,00000000 BTC
HOGE-ETH0,00000000 ETH419 395,00 HOGE0,00000000 BTC
FIL-USDT0,00000000 USDT10,45 FIL0,00000000 BTC
CTSI-USDT0,00000000 USDT688,00 CTSI0,00000000 BTC
DAFI-ETH0,00000000 ETH274,00 DAFI0,00000000 BTC
KEANU-ETH0,00000000 ETH601 243 908 618,00 KEANU0,00000000 BTC
PAINT-ETH0,00000000 ETH69 330,00 PAINT0,00000000 BTC
BNT-USDT0,00000000 USDT52,70 BNT0,00000000 BTC
RPL-ETH0,00000000 ETH8,40 RPL0,00000000 BTC
LINA-USDT0,00000000 USDT20 300,38 LINA0,00000000 BTC
MATIC-USDT0,00000000 USDT427,40 MATIC0,00000000 BTC
NKN-USDT0,00000000 USDT1 400,00 NKN0,00000000 BTC
1INCH-USDT0,00000000 USDT86,00 1INCH0,00000000 BTC
ARMOR-ETH0,00000000 ETH2 335,00 ARMOR0,00000000 BTC
PERL-USDT0,00000000 USDT350,20 PERL0,00000000 BTC
LINK-USDT0,00000000 USDT6,73 LINK0,00000000 BTC
LAMB-USDT0,00000000 USDT11 002,63 LAMB0,00000000 BTC
REEF-USDT0,00000000 USDT4 566,00 REEF0,00000000 BTC
PIE-ETH0,00000000 ETH829,00 PIE0,00000000 BTC
POLS-USDT0,00000000 USDT59,80 POLS0,00000000 BTC
HMNG-USDT0,00000000 USDT147 235 979 119,00 HMNG0,00000000 BTC
AUDIO-USDT0,00000000 USDT1 400,00 AUDIO0,00000000 BTC
CAT-ETH0,00000000 ETH1 146,25 CAT0,00000000 BTC
QBT-BNB0,00000000 BNB155,39 QBT0,00000000 BTC
PPAY-ETH0,00000000 ETH624,00 PPAY0,00000000 BTC
MARSH-ETH0,00000000 ETH14,16 MARSH0,00000000 BTC
SILVA-BNB0,00000000 BNB954 825 147,00 SILVA0,00000000 BTC
VRX-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,10 VRX0,00000000 BTC
CHAIN-ETH0,00000000 ETH212,49 CHAIN0,00000000 BTC
DEXE-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,60 DEXE0,00000000 BTC
ID-ETH0,00000000 ETH43,90 ID0,00000000 BTC
ETNA-BNB0,00000000 BNB19,65 ETNA0,00000000 BTC
BFC-ETH0,00000000 ETH28,00 BFC0,00000000 BTC
CARD-ETH0,00000000 ETH1 003,00 CARD0,00000000 BTC
CAPS-ETH0,00000000 ETH91,00 CAPS0,00000000 BTC
DF-ETH0,00000000 ETH45,70 DF0,00000000 BTC
BLANK-ETH0,00000000 ETH24,40 BLANK0,00000000 BTC
CFI-ETH0,00000000 ETH2,39 CFI0,00000000 BTC
LYXE-ETH0,00000000 ETH5,80 LYXE0,00000000 BTC
VPAD-USDT0,00000000 USDT5,09 VPAD0,00000000 BTC
COVAL-ETH0,00000000 ETH25 182,00 COVAL0,00000000 BTC
GDAO-ETH0,00000000 ETH7,10 GDAO0,00000000 BTC
TPT-ETH0,00000000 ETH5 240,00 TPT0,00000000 BTC
VIDYA-ETH0,00000000 ETH584,00 VIDYA0,00000000 BTC
GSWAP-ETH0,00000000 ETH5,40 GSWAP0,00000000 BTC
IPAD-BUSD0,00000000 BUSD115,05 IPAD0,00000000 BTC
SHROOM-ETH0,00000000 ETH34,00 SHROOM0,00000000 BTC
UBT-ETH0,00000000 ETH7,00 UBT0,00000000 BTC
POLC-ETH0,00000000 ETH28,00 POLC0,00000000 BTC
API3-ETH0,00000000 ETH1,10 API30,00000000 BTC
URUS-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,09 URUS0,00000000 BTC
BSCS-BNB0,00000000 BNB48,40 BSCS0,00000000 BTC
MRCR-BNB0,00000000 BNB218,70 MRCR0,00000000 BTC
KIT-ETH0,00000000 ETH177,64 KIT0,00000000 BTC
BOND-USDC0,00000000 USDC4,74 BOND0,00000000 BTC
COR-ETH0,00000000 ETH469,00 COR0,00000000 BTC
ORAI-ETH0,00000000 ETH21,81 ORAI0,00000000 BTC
RBC-ETH0,00000000 ETH31,00 RBC0,00000000 BTC
FWT-ETH0,00000000 ETH6 770,00 FWT0,00000000 BTC
LTX-ETH0,00000000 ETH2 193,00 LTX0,00000000 BTC
SPI-ETH0,00000000 ETH7,31 SPI0,00000000 BTC
ELAND-ETH0,00000000 ETH816,00 ELAND0,00000000 BTC
ESD-USDC0,00000000 USDC235,56 ESD0,00000000 BTC
FVT-ETH0,00000000 ETH1 747,00 FVT0,00000000 BTC
MFI-USDC0,00000000 USDC16,51 MFI0,00000000 BTC
GEM-BNB0,00000000 BNB19,11 GEM0,00000000 BTC
TVK-USDT0,00000000 USDT1 023,12 TVK0,00000000 BTC
HEGIC-ETH0,00000000 ETH311,00 HEGIC0,00000000 BTC
HEZ-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,40 HEZ0,00000000 BTC
ERN-ETH0,00000000 ETH1,10 ERN0,00000000 BTC
FOUR-ETH0,00000000 ETH300 000,00 FOUR0,00000000 BTC
HOKK-ETH0,00000000 ETH1 546,00 HOKK0,00000000 BTC
KEX-ETH0,00000000 ETH178,00 KEX0,00000000 BTC
JUP-ETH0,00000000 ETH710,00 JUP0,00000000 BTC
IOI-USDT0,00000000 USDT2,12 IOI0,00000000 BTC
LPOOL-ETH0,00000000 ETH6,56 LPOOL0,00000000 BTC
MXX-ETH0,00000000 ETH477,27 MXX0,00000000 BTC
QRX-ETH0,00000000 ETH26 496,00 QRX0,00000000 BTC
RVP-ETH0,00000000 ETH3 863,00 RVP0,00000000 BTC
PDEX-ETH0,00000000 ETH1,07 PDEX0,00000000 BTC
ROOM-BNB0,00000000 BNB45,80 ROOM0,00000000 BTC
FRM-ETH0,00000000 ETH58,82 FRM0,00000000 BTC
ERSDL-ETH0,00000000 ETH469,00 ERSDL0,00000000 BTC
XCAD-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,50 XCAD0,00000000 BTC
XRT-ETH0,00000000 ETH4,26 XRT0,00000000 BTC
WHITE-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,03 WHITE0,00000000 BTC
WSG-BNB0,00000000 BNB141 732 284,00 WSG0,00000000 BTC
PTOY-USDT0,00000000 USDT76 674,80 PTOY0,00000000 BTC
MOCHI-BNB0,00000000 BNB0,00 MOCHI0,00000000 BTC
BIFI-ETH0,00000000 ETH175,80 BIFI0,00000000 BTC
ORMEUS-USDT0,00000000 USDT15 416,38 ORMEUS0,00000000 BTC
HXRO-ETH0,00000000 ETH8,00 HXRO0,00000000 BTC
DMG-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 DMG0,00000000 BTC
XPR-ETH0,00000000 ETH1 477,00 XPR0,00000000 BTC
VALUE-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 VALUE0,00000000 BTC
MICRO-USDT0,00000000 USDT500 000,00 MICRO0,00000000 BTC
UNIDX-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 UNIDX0,00000000 BTC
PKOIN-USDT0,00000000 USDT1,16 PKOIN0,00000000 BTC
TXL-ETH0,00000000 ETH103,00 TXL0,00000000 BTC
OPEN-USDT0,00000000 USDT806,65 OPEN0,00000000 BTC
DRK-USDT0,00000000 USDT320,80 DRK0,00000000 BTC
XPX-USDT0,00000000 USDT25 867,00 XPX0,00000000 BTC
LOOT-ETH0,00000000 ETH3,37 LOOT0,00000000 BTC
RFOX-ETH0,00000000 ETH138,00 RFOX0,00000000 BTC
ESS-ETH0,00000000 ETH151 376,00 ESS0,00000000 BTC
SOLO-USDT0,00000000 USDT8,19 SOLO0,00000000 BTC
XFT-ETH0,00000000 ETH94,30 XFT0,00000000 BTC
TRU-ETH0,00000000 ETH22,00 TRU0,00000000 BTC
MCS-USDT0,00000000 USDT4 446 788,00 MCS0,00000000 BTC
YFFII-USDT0,00000000 USDT50,81 YFFII0,00000000 BTC
BURN-USDT0,00000000 USDT273 219,00 BURN0,00000000 BTC
MFT-ETH0,00000000 ETH17 015,00 MFT0,00000000 BTC
DIP-ETH0,00000000 ETH1 212,00 DIP0,00000000 BTC
SHK-ETH0,00000000 ETH313,90 SHK0,00000000 BTC
REL-ETH0,00000000 ETH3 058,82 REL0,00000000 BTC
BIZZ-USDT0,00000000 USDT1 225,00 BIZZ0,00000000 BTC
YFIII-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 YFIII0,00000000 BTC
DUCK-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 DUCK0,00000000 BTC
ONEMOON-USDT0,00000000 USDT1 000 000,00 ONEMOON0,00000000 BTC
DONK-USDT0,00000000 USDT2 051,81 DONK0,00000000 BTC
UNIQ-ETH0,00000000 ETH50,55 UNIQ0,00000000 BTC
DHV-ETH0,00000000 ETH4 776,11 DHV0,00000000 BTC
PGT-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 PGT0,00000000 BTC
ECO-USDT0,00000000 USDT50 698,00 ECO0,00000000 BTC
LND-USDT0,00000000 USDT40 419,00 LND0,00000000 BTC
FYZ-ETH0,00000000 ETH582,40 FYZ0,00000000 BTC
DXD-ETH0,00000000 ETH2,04 DXD0,00000000 BTC
PAYT-USDT0,00000000 USDT10 348,00 PAYT0,00000000 BTC
CONV-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 CONV0,00000000 BTC
EMB-USDT0,00000000 USDT11 930,00 EMB0,00000000 BTC
NYANTE-USDT0,00000000 USDT100 000 000 000,00 NYANTE0,00000000 BTC
MDX-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 MDX0,00000000 BTC
DGCL-ETH0,00000000 ETH2 732,00 DGCL0,00000000 BTC
PRDZ-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 PRDZ0,00000000 BTC
DZAR-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 DZAR0,00000000 BTC
LPL-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 LPL0,00000000 BTC
OBR-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 OBR0,00000000 BTC
PAPER-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,50 PAPER0,00000000 BTC
ALN-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 ALN0,00000000 BTC
ONS-DAI0,00000000 DAI0,00 ONS0,00000000 BTC
AVAL-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 AVAL0,00000000 BTC
ETHA-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 ETHA0,00000000 BTC
A5T-USDC0,00000000 USDC0,00 A5T0,00000000 BTC
ALPHR-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 ALPHR0,00000000 BTC
GST2-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 GST20,00000000 BTC
FIRE-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 FIRE0,00000000 BTC
RAK-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 RAK0,00000000 BTC
GLOX-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 GLOX0,00000000 BTC
L2-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 L20,00000000 BTC
MBN-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 MBN0,00000000 BTC
PROPHET-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 PROPHET0,00000000 BTC
PUX-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 PUX0,00000000 BTC
HIPPO-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 HIPPO0,00000000 BTC
DFD-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 DFD0,00000000 BTC
MRCH-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 MRCH0,00000000 BTC
KPHI-BNB0,00000000 BNB0,00 KPHI0,00000000 BTC
ARTEON-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 ARTEON0,00000000 BTC
LIT-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 LIT0,00000000 BTC
FDO-USDT0,00000000 USDT9 992,98 FDO0,00000000 BTC
EPAY-ETH0,00000000 ETH0,00 EPAY0,00000000 BTC
DAV-USDT0,00000000 USDT303 230,50 DAV0,00000000 BTC
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