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Bibox is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange with his Service Centers based in China. The platform screens and filters out a large amount of alt currency data, and offers the following trading pairs for the exchange native token Bibox (BIX), BTC/BIX, ETH/BIX and USDT/BIX just to name a few. The exchange users who trade using the Bibox token benefit from a 50% discount on the trading fee.Bobix native coin is the Bibox Coin.Telegram | Facebook | Weibo | LinkedIn | Medium
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Криптовалюты,Деривативы, Стэйблкоины, Токены


Trading Fee: 0.1%

For full Bibox fee information, please click here.


Cryptocurrency For full Bibox fee information, please click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.


Cryptocurrency For full Bibox fee information, please click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.

Bibox (bibox) Estonia Since 2017

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Trade at Bibox

Market PairCostVolume, 24h.Cost in BTC
ETH-USDT1 977,17000000 USDT21 557,00 ETH0,06736802 BTC
BTC-USDT29 320,30000000 USDT1 344,00 BTC0,99902926 BTC
ETH-BTC0,06743448 BTC4 397,00 ETH0,06743448 BTC
SUSHI-USDT1,67250000 USDT4 661 133,00 SUSHI0,00005699 BTC
ENJ-USDT0,68730000 USDT11 198 932,00 ENJ0,00002342 BTC
BSV-USDT50,65000000 USDT134 051,00 BSV0,00172580 BTC
FIL-USDT8,45070000 USDT801 617,00 FIL0,00028794 BTC
LRC-USDT0,57369500 USDT11 462 653,00 LRC0,00001955 BTC
SOL-USDT49,65020000 USDT131 298,00 SOL0,00169173 BTC
PLCU-USDT42 086,63540900 USDT144,00 PLCU1,43401600 BTC
MKR-USDT1 313,06000000 USDT4 601,00 MKR0,04473983 BTC
HNT-USDT7,84000000 USDT756 705,00 HNT0,00026713 BTC
MATIC-USDT0,64650000 USDT7 286 437,00 MATIC0,00002203 BTC
ATOM-USDT11,21480000 USDT384 985,00 ATOM0,00038212 BTC
NEAR-USDT5,82500000 USDT722 885,00 NEAR0,00019847 BTC
SHIB-USDT0,00001188 USDT336 965 568 070,00 SHIB0,00000000 BTC
TRX-USDT0,07755300 USDT49 343 538,00 TRX0,00000264 BTC
ETC-USDT21,99800000 USDT172 014,00 ETC0,00074954 BTC
KSM-USDT82,34463800 USDT42 117,00 KSM0,00280573 BTC
DOT-USDT9,98950000 USDT342 571,00 DOT0,00034037 BTC
EOS-USDT1,33260000 USDT2 252 680,00 EOS0,00004541 BTC
XRP-USDT0,40757000 USDT6 698 345,00 XRP0,00001389 BTC
HBAR-USDT0,09850000 USDT25 506 985,00 HBAR0,00000336 BTC
UMA-USDT3,51958100 USDT637 039,00 UMA0,00011992 BTC
LTC-USDT69,59000000 USDT30 521,00 LTC0,00237114 BTC
DASH-USDT61,15000000 USDT33 686,00 DASH0,00208356 BTC
ETH-USDC1 978,13000000 USDC996,00 ETH0,06743757 BTC
BNB-USDT326,23000000 USDT5 785,00 BNB0,01111562 BTC
AAVE-USDT99,49000000 USDT18 291,00 AAVE0,00338992 BTC
UNI-USDT5,68710000 USDT306 625,00 UNI0,00019378 BTC
BTC-USDC29 334,96000000 USDC56,00 BTC1,00007500 BTC
BCH-USDT192,10000000 USDT8 543,00 BCH0,00654541 BTC
LINK-USDT7,08100000 USDT224 481,00 LINK0,00024127 BTC
SXP-USDT0,50656900 USDT3 024 764,00 SXP0,00001726 BTC
QNT-USDT68,30000000 USDT20 152,00 QNT0,00232718 BTC
IMX-USDT0,95932600 USDT1 303 383,00 IMX0,00003269 BTC
XLM-USDT0,12980300 USDT8 693 037,00 XLM0,00000442 BTC
ALICE-USDT2,93350000 USDT360 886,00 ALICE0,00009995 BTC
XTZ-USDT2,09600000 USDT460 801,00 XTZ0,00007142 BTC
FTM-USDT0,44553000 USDT2 086 642,00 FTM0,00001518 BTC
AXS-USDT21,06160000 USDT40 234,00 AXS0,00071763 BTC
SAND-USDT1,30405400 USDT604 724,00 SAND0,00004443 BTC
FOR-USDT0,01928200 USDT37 452 330,00 FOR0,00000066 BTC
ONT-USDT0,28190000 USDT2 504 209,00 ONT0,00000961 BTC
ETC-BTC0,00074935 BTC31 256,00 ETC0,00074935 BTC
EOS-BTC0,00004550 BTC496 964,00 EOS0,00004550 BTC
LTC-BTC0,00237305 BTC8 961,00 LTC0,00237305 BTC
TRX-ETH0,00003925 ETH7 253 942,00 TRX0,00000265 BTC
XRP-ETH0,00020606 ETH1 350 327,00 XRP0,00001389 BTC
EOS-ETH0,00067432 ETH409 972,00 EOS0,00004547 BTC
ZEN-USDT20,33160000 USDT26 810,00 ZEN0,00069276 BTC
BIX-USDT0,02579000 USDT20 473 898,00 BIX0,00000088 BTC
TLM-USDT0,03776800 USDT12 989 137,00 TLM0,00000129 BTC
LTC-ETH0,03519357 ETH7 003,00 LTC0,00237310 BTC
ETC-ETH0,01114107 ETH21 511,00 ETC0,00075124 BTC
VET-USDT0,03133000 USDT13 625 336,00 VET0,00000107 BTC
BCH-BTC0,00655818 BTC2 215,00 BCH0,00655818 BTC
AAVE-BTC0,00340217 BTC4 213,00 AAVE0,00340217 BTC
BSV-BTC0,00172834 BTC8 107,00 BSV0,00172834 BTC
OMG-USDT2,58160000 USDT158 149,00 OMG0,00008796 BTC
BSV-ETH0,02566736 ETH7 517,00 BSV0,00173075 BTC
LINK-ETH0,00358022 ETH50 604,00 LINK0,00024141 BTC
BCH-ETH0,09721626 ETH1 832,00 BCH0,00655529 BTC
MANA-USDT1,03361900 USDT338 544,00 MANA0,00003522 BTC
COMP-USDT69,48000000 USDT4 880,00 COMP0,00236739 BTC
QTUM-USDT4,04200000 USDT82 851,00 QTUM0,00013772 BTC
NEO-ETH0,00564291 ETH29 742,00 NEO0,00038050 BTC
XMR-USDT186,15000000 USDT1 637,00 XMR0,00634268 BTC
ICP-USDT7,84000000 USDT38 008,00 ICP0,00026713 BTC
AAVE-ETH0,05044440 ETH2 505,00 AAVE0,00340147 BTC
NEO-USDT11,19000000 USDT22 135,00 NEO0,00038128 BTC
YFI-USDT9 267,15000000 USDT21,00 YFI0,31575918 BTC
MKR-ETH0,66603931 ETH132,00 MKR0,04491103 BTC
AGLD-USDT0,56820000 USDT281 831,00 AGLD0,00001936 BTC
ADA-USDT0,52185600 USDT293 043,00 ADA0,00001778 BTC
CRO-USDT0,18710000 USDT772 743,00 CRO0,00000638 BTC
EGLD-USDT91,32930000 USDT1 477,00 EGLD0,00311186 BTC
ALGO-USDT0,41670000 USDT273 533,00 ALGO0,00001420 BTC
DOGE-ETH0,00004236 ETH1 107 517,00 DOGE0,00000286 BTC
CRV-USDT1,28475800 USDT70 807,00 CRV0,00004378 BTC
FTT-USDT29,79000000 USDT2 902,00 FTT0,00101503 BTC
DASH-BTC0,00208258 BTC1 367,00 DASH0,00208258 BTC
ZEC-USDT99,08234700 USDT768,00 ZEC0,00337603 BTC
BAL-USDT7,65600000 USDT9 904,00 BAL0,00026086 BTC
IOTA-USDT0,33780000 USDT206 335,00 IOTA0,00001151 BTC
TRB-USDT9,68300000 USDT7 128,00 TRB0,00032993 BTC
HT-USDT7,00000000 USDT9 312,00 HT0,00023851 BTC
CFX-USDT0,09071000 USDT692 835,00 CFX0,00000309 BTC
SNX-USDT2,66600000 USDT22 592,00 SNX0,00009084 BTC
DOGE-USDT0,08376900 USDT715 388,00 DOGE0,00000285 BTC
DASH-ETH0,03099356 ETH758,00 DASH0,00208990 BTC
APE-USDT7,67392600 USDT4 821,00 APE0,00026147 BTC
XCH-USDT35,92000000 USDT937,00 XCH0,00122390 BTC
PHA-USDT0,12860600 USDT254 453,00 PHA0,00000438 BTC
QTUM-ETH0,00204177 ETH7 709,00 QTUM0,00013768 BTC
PEOPLE-USDT0,02777749 USDT1 071 154,00 PEOPLE0,00000095 BTC
UNFI-USDT2,34884300 USDT11 880,00 UNFI0,00008003 BTC
KSM-ETH0,04180979 ETH250,00 KSM0,00281923 BTC
BAT-USDT0,39210000 USDT50 350,00 BAT0,00001336 BTC
XRP-BTC0,00001391 BTC13 320,00 XRP0,00001391 BTC
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