A detailed description and exchange rate of Bitcoin Stellar (XLM)

 Stellar (XLM) Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract Platform 

Curculation 20537224134.7692 из 50000000000 XLM

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Stellar is a decentralized platform that aims to connect banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. Supported by a nonprofit, Stellar's goal is to bring the world together by increasing interoperability between diverse financial systems and currencies.

Stellar is a technology that enables money to move directly between people, companies and financial institutions as easily as email. This means more access for individuals, lower costs for banks and more revenue for businesses.

Rating Stellar

Rank by rate  CoinMarketCap: 14

Rank by rate  CoinGecko: 8.

Evaluation of communication (points): 53,941

Common Assessment Points: 0,032

Evaluation of the design (points): 89,339

Assessment of the liquidity (points): 68,835

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Official website XLM: https://www.stellar.org/ 

Block explorers STELLAR: dashboard.stellar.org  stellar.expert  steexp.com  blockchair.com 

Announcements STELLAR: stellarcommunity.org  bitcointalk.org 

Forums STELLAR: galactictalk.org 

Chats STELLAR: slack.stellar.org 


Twitter: -  

Facebook: -  

Reddit: -  

BitcoinTalk: 1428573  


GitHub: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core,  https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-sdk,  https://github.com/stellar/go,  https://github.com/stellar/stellar-protocol

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