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 Ultiledger (ULT)  ETH Token 

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Curculation 1919586279.1562183 из 4500000000,0 ULT

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Ultiledger aims to help any organization (Contains government, business, industry clusters or individuals and communities) that needs to build trust through a new generation of blockchain protocols at a low cost and rapid construction of a distributed financial book of bank-grade security; zero-cost transaction settlement within the ecosystem; improved security, privacy, efficiency and capital availability of the system through the combination of the main chain and sub-chains. Any tangible assets or intangible rights can be issued into digital assets on Ultiledger, completing functions such as confirmation, notarization, trading, circulation, etc., and finally achieving “credit circulation, asset circulation, value circulation”.

ULT is the abbreviation of the Ultiledger project's native Token. To some extent, ULT can be regarded as the “gold” of the digital domain, serving as the pricing unit for everything within the ecosystem (including various Tokens); all economic activities will be settled using ULT; the establishment and maintenance of all relationships will also depend on ULT. As the foundation of Ultiledger’s economic ecosystem, ULT will have all the functions of money for social and economic activities - a unit of account, a medium of exchange, a standard of deferred payment, and a store of value.

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Rank by rate  CoinMarketCap: 714

Rank by rate  CoinGecko: 2621.

Evaluation of communication (points): 5,555

Common Assessment Points: 0

Evaluation of the design (points): 0

Assessment of the liquidity (points): 0,464

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Official website ULT: https://www.ultiledger.io/ 

Block explorers ULTILEDGER: etherscan.io  ethplorer.io 

Announcements ULTILEDGER: medium.com 


Twitter Ultiledgerio  

Telegram: ultiledger  


GitHub: https://github.com/ultiledger/ULT

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