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Curculation 9209947.79095081 из 69998551 TSX

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TradeStars is a Fantasy Stocks trading platform powered by the Ethereum + Matic Layer 2 blockchains where users can trade digital assets that represent real-life events' statistics. It’s a decentralized social gaming experience in which people can express their passion for sports, compete against each other, and show “How much your sports knowledge is worth”.Telegram | Discord | Medium

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Rank by rate  CoinMarketCap: 2034

Rank by rate  CoinGecko: 2894.

Evaluation of communication (points): 9,929

Common Assessment Points: 0,003

Evaluation of the design (points): 0

Assessment of the liquidity (points): 1

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Blockchain, hashrate, mining TSX

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Official website TSX: https://tradestars.app/ 

Block explorers TRADESTARS: etherscan.io  ethplorer.io  bscscan.com  polygonscan.com  bscscan.com 

Announcements TRADESTARS: medium.com 

Chats TRADESTARS: www.linkedin.com  discord.com  instagram.com 


Twitter tradestarsOK  

Facebook: TradeStarsOK  

Telegram: tradestarsok  

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