List of cryptocurrencies in category Protocol

Cryptocurrencies in category Protocol

Cryptocurrencies in category in category Protocol* view below.

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Arbitrum Ecosystem 2

Avalanche Ecosystem 2

BNB Chain Ecosystem 6

Business Services 1

Cosmos Ecosystem 4

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) 7

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) 3

Ethereum Ecosystem 39

Fantom Ecosystem 1

Gnosis Chain Ecosystem 3

Governance 3

Gaming (GameFi) 1

Harmony Ecosystem 4

Infrastructure 4

Identity 2

Layer 1 (L1) 2

MEV Protection 1

MultiversX Ecosystem 1

Masternodes 2


Oracle 2

Protocol 78

Polygon Ecosystem 8

Prediction Markets 2

Polkadot Ecosystem 3

Privacy Coins 5

Play To Earn 1

Smart Contract Platform 8

Storage 2

Stablecoins 1

USD Stablecoin 1

Wrapped-Tokens 1

Bitcoin exchange rate

The rate of the main cryptocurrency according to CoinmarketCap 01 October equal 26,503.00 $ (2,546,927.00руб.). Capitalization of bitcoin today is 516,802,759,393.00 $ (49,651,954,763,846.00руб.). Over the past 24 hours, the total trading volume on the exchanges was 219,814.64 BTC or 5,825,747,357.00 $

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Technical analysis of the cryptocurrency exchange rate. Instructions and reviews

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*According to capitalization data among blockchain projects, tokens and cryptocurrencies. Data obtained from the site CoinMarketCap. All information is for reference only and is not a call to action. Your actions to buy or sell cryptocurrencies can lead to loss of funds. Evaluate the risks yourself.