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Melodity is a DeFi token hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is the store of value for the environment acting as a share token.The project aims to redistribute power from intermediaries and middlemen that formed in the early days of recorded music to musicians, enabling artists to distribute their creations on their own.Melodity was founded in 2021, and the MELD token is designed to change how independent musicians earn revenue from their creations giving them the freedom to monetize while increasing their visibility in the musical scene.Melodity Protocol will be expanding to empower the DoEcosystem that includes: a Proprietary Blockchain, Tokens, Dapps, NFT marketplaces and NGOs which will allow musicians to distribute their own music. Melodity protocol has an ambitious roadmap thanks to its growing popularity and they wish to be listed on the leading exchanges, and increase their partnerships.Telegram | Medium | Instagram

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Blockchain, hashrate, mining MELD

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Official website MELD: https://www.meland.ai/ 

Block explorers MELAND-AI: bscscan.com 

Announcements MELAND-AI: medium.com 

Chats MELAND-AI: discord.com 


Twitter meland_ai  

Telegram: melandaiWorld  


GitHub: https://github.com/Meland-Inc/contracts

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