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 JoinCoin (J)

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Joincoin is the result of a team of developers, cryptocurrency miners, and day traders who were tired of having to jump from coin to coin in order to find the most energy efficient or "hot trend" algorithm available. Joincoin team wanted a coin for everyone to join in on and be at peace they could use whatever algorithm they wanted and have the freedom of anonymous transactions. Joincoin team also put together a team who had the experience to evolve Joincoin as time passes adding features and services that only solid coders and good marketing can do.


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Blockchain, hashrate, mining J

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  •  24 сен 2020 08:08
  •  Multiple
  •  PoW
  •  1318658
  •  45 сек.
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  •  1 block
  •  3 408 657 J
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