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GPT (Grace Period Token) is a token used to delay the settlement of mortgage assets on the EFG platform. It can also be mined by using EFG mortgages that comply with the ECRC-20 standard. GPT is designed through the ECRC-20 standard smart contract and provides a total of 10,000 tokens. GPT provides the need for contract clearing extension because it can be used to increase the grace period for margin call notifications. It has become the main factor in the protection of investors' risk extension benefits in EFG's lending behavior.(EFG) dApp is created based on smart contracts architecture. The basic logic is the system to be fully decentralized. The dApp goal is decentralized finance (DeFi) and it has fixed total supply (of 1, 000, 000 tokens). All the tokens, including the basic system tokens (EFG and GPT) and collateral assets, are ECRC-20 standard which is similar with ERC-20 (Ethereum) standard. They are freely transferable by users, and they can be even delegate handling(allowance). Additionally, the system can also accept ECOC (the native coin).The EFG dApp can be cross-platform. This can be done with 'wrapped tokens.' Any assets (native coins or tokens) on any blockchain can be swapped in a decentralized way (atomic swaps), with wrapped tokens moving back and forth between Ecochain and the other blockchains. Wrapped tokens follow ECRC-20 standard so that they can join the dApp without problems.

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