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 FileCoin (FIL) Infrastructure, Storage 

Curculation 107867238.0 из 1971923784 FIL

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Filecoin is a decentralized storage network that turns cloud storage into an algorithmic market. The market runs on a blockchain with a native protocol token (also called “Filecoin”), which miners earn by providing storage to clients. Conversely, clients spend Filecoin hiring miners to store or distribute data. Filecoin miners compete to mine blocks with sizable rewards, but Filecoin mining power is proportional to active storage, which directly provides a useful service to clients.

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Rank by rate  CoinMarketCap: 22

Rank by rate  CoinGecko: 289.

Evaluation of communication (points): 10,491

Common Assessment Points: 0

Evaluation of the design (points): 0

Assessment of the liquidity (points): 74,288

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Official website FIL: https://filecoin.io/ 

Block explorers FILECOIN: filfox.info  filscan.io  hecoinfo.com 

Announcements FILECOIN: liftoff.filecoin.io 

Forums FILECOIN: filecoin.io  discuss.filecoin.io 

Chats FILECOIN: filecoinproject.slack.com 


Twitter Filecoin  


GitHub: https://github.com/filecoin-project/

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