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ETHW mainnet will happen within 24 hours after the Merge. The exact time will be announced 1 hour before launch with a countdown timer and everything including final code, binaries, config files, nodes info, RPC, explorer, etc. will be made public when the time’s up.The mainnet will start at the block height of the Merge block “plus” 2048 EMPTY blocks as padding to make sure that the chainID switches to 10001 successfully and the chain is the longest chain of ETHW. Therefore, the Merge block + 2049 will be the 1st block on ETHW that may contain any transactions. Block rewards for the empty blocks will be directed to the 1559 multi-sig wallet.The initial mining difficulty will be no lower than ~220 T, or 15 TH/s in terms of hashrate."Despite a rocky few weeks since its announcement, the team behind EthereumPoW (ETHW), a proof-of-work splinter from the Ethereum Blockchain, has finally announced plans to launch its hardfork soon after the Ethereum Merge on September 15.EthereumPoW is the brainchild of Chinese crypto miner Chandler Guo, who announced the proof-of-work hardfork on Twitter on July 27, 2022." - decrypt.coWith respect to ETH PoW forks CryptoCompare is taking the following steps:Speculative ETH POW tokens (for example those currently trading on Poloniex and Gateio) will be mapped to the ETHPOW ticker.If a ETH PoW fork is completed, any trading data for the new ETHW coin (or the ETHW coin on the chain with the most support if multiple forks take place) will be mapped to ETHW, on this page.This will leave the ETHPOW historical data as a snapshot of the pre-fork speculative trading, and the ETHW ticker should begin and continue from the start of trading after the fork.PoS ETH (ETH 2.0) will retain the ETH ticker throughout.Official links

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