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Darcrus is an asset issued on the NXT blockchain that will allow its holders to receive rewards via disbursements that are assigned through a Proof of Holding reward system (which is similar to the master node payment system found in DASH). The reward system can be based on a buyback program on an exchange or disbursement via the NXT’s & Waves’ native systems. Darcrus also generates profit for its holders by selling decentralized applications, like the dAppsheet, an application that automatically replicates and decentralizes the underlying infrastructure for companies to tailor almost any tracking, billing, or service desk application to their specific needs.

The Dracrus Initial Coin Offering period will start on the 21st of November and will last for three weeks. Investors will benefit from a 50% bonus on the first day, which will then be decreased during the course of the ICO. A total of 50 million DAR tokens will be issued, 42,500,000 of which will be distributed to investors, while the 5 million tokens will be reserved for SIGFARM and SIGWO asset swaps. The remaining supply will be kept for maintenance, auditing, marketing, and development, as well as for community bounty programs. The release of the dAppsheet application is scheduled for May 2017, after which Dracrus will continue to develop new products.

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Official website DAR: https://darcr.us/ 

Block explorers DARCRUS: www.mynxt.info 


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Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/darcrus/  

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