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Creditcoin is a decentralized credit network that aims to make the bridge between investors and fundraisers. The platform will allow miners (investors) to earn the platform tokens by providing capital to clients, on the other hand, the clients will raise capital by paying Creditcoin to the miners. As the whitepaper reads:

"An investment in the Creditcoin network will start by matching offers from investors and fundraisers. A fundraiser will post seeking an amount, interest rate, and collateral. Additionally, the fundraiser will add some amount of Creditcoin to the offer. If is there an investor with matching conditions, the fundraiser and the investor announce the deal to the Creditcoin network. The system verifies the deal's completion by confirming the exchange of collateral and investment.Once validated, the system sends the CreditCoin attached to the investment to the investor."

Furthermore, miners will be able to select credit history parameters to be protected against various risk models.

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